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Post by kingleon on Wed Jan 27, 2016 5:21 am

Have any favriote sonic levels you want to tell people about. Why not here.

One of my favriotes  has to be  chu-nan day from sknic unleashed, i loved the level design. But to me the best thing about  the level was the music
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Post by Dregan on Wed Feb 03, 2016 8:44 pm

Eh, guess I'll throw my hat into the ring, and say my favriote Sonic level is probably Chemical Plant Zone from Sonic 2. Whiiich I imagine might strike some as an odd choice, but still.
As a kid, I think it's one of the levels I played the most in any game - and yes, that includes Emerald Hill. Primarily because I always beat Emerald Hill, whereas Chemical Plant had a habit of having me restart it every now and again due to horrific drowning.

And speaking of horrific drowning, I think it's probably one of the best levels in the entire series to've made use of it. Sonic has a tendency to use water in one of two ways;
1. Barely at all
Now, Chemical Plant was far from a Water Level, but by god did it use it. One of the moments to've always stuck with me in gaming is that one vertical chute with all the moving platforms. It wasn't hard to navigate really, just a nuisance, a nuisance that would punish you hard for screwing up. And boy would you screw up, sending you down multiple jumps at a time.
Now this wouldn't be so bad, if not for the rapidly rising water. It's inevitable that it catches up to you and overtakes Sonic, I think it's basically impossible to get to the top of that area without it happening... and once it overtakes you, panic sets in.
A few easy jumps become flustered falling as you rush to get it. It would be fine if you just took your time, but no, no, you want out. You want that fresh beat of air.
But because you're panicking you're messing up... and soon the drowning music starts. And when that starts, you're a mess. Because you know how easy it is but you want out... and the music starts speeding up and up and you're desperately trying to make it out.
And then it all ends... with either a sigh of relief, or one more life knocked down, knowing you'll have to do that segment again.

I goddamn love Chemical Plant Zone.

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Post by Whip~ on Sat Feb 20, 2016 7:34 am

I'll come in two-and-some-odd weeks later with my own toss-in~! 
And honestly, I have two favourites, both from the same game~ XD

The first and obvious one to just about everyone has to be City Escape~! 
Like, the preceding cutscene was, for most people, the first bit that they would see of Sonic Adventure 2, and it was amazing. And the fact that the stage is directly connected to the events of the cutscene, and just how free-spirited and fluid all the motions in the stage feel really... I dunno, capture what Sonic is all about. High-speed action mixed in with daring maneuvers, beautiful scenery, and a bit of grandstanding for fun. 
At the same time, the heavy military involvement showed what kind of undertones the rest of the game would have, making it the perfect first step for the game. It was just... great in most-all regards. CX
Plus, it was an easy stage to collect rings in. As someone who loved the chao garden, a fun and easy stage like City Escape was a god-send. c:

A close contender with City Escape for me though, is Metal Harbour, another SA2:B stage and another of Sonic's. XD
This one isn't as complex for me. It's a straightforward stage as far as SA2 is concerned, and while it has pretty awesome music and the introduction of the Light Speed Shoes, which are amazeballs for slower-paced Sonic games like Adventure 2, the real attraction for me was the Multiplayer version of the stage. 
It was high-stakes and the only stage in the multiplayer footrace mode that felt like it was a fair race. No matter who you were (unless you were Amy, who was OP no matter what stage you were on), there was no clear advantage and it was truly a test of both maintaining speed and platforming skillfully. 
I lost many a friends and sibilings with that stage, as they all disowned me if I ever tripped them up just as they reached the goal ring. XD

But yes, that is my Sonic stage rambling uvu
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Post by Ash-Black on Tue Feb 23, 2016 1:05 am

Personally, my favourite level as far as I remember is Green Forest from Sonic Adventure 2! I'm very fond of the entire jungle and forest aesthetic, plus I remember it being very good for the speed chao animals, which where always my favourite to give to my chao. Also the half fish animal! That gave your chao a little fireball on their head if I remember correctly?

Also I'm rather passionate about drums, although I don't play them they are my favourite musical instrument and oh my good golly, the drum track in that musics stage is so driving and gets me so pumped whenever I hear it! It makes me wanna run for miles and pUNCH A WALL.

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Post by ThePromiseIncarnate on Wed Oct 12, 2016 3:12 am

It's hard to choose, really, given how many good levels there have been. Thinking back on it, I'd probably say... either Hydrocity from Sonic 3 & Knuckles or Final Rush from Sonic Adventure 2. 

S3K was an awesome game, but alot of its level design was kind of slow, in my opinion. When it did make you go fast, you went fast for like two seconds. Playing that game for a while can actually feel pretty suffocating to me these days, where a lot of levels have a very... closed off, claustrophobic feel to them, if that makes sense. Marble Garden and Sandopolis are too long for their own good, Flying Battery(Act 2 especially), Sandopolis(Act 2), and all of Lava Reef were closed off areas in the game that were visually dull after having to constantly wait for an obstacle to say "Now you can go fast, but not TOO fast, okay?" I like Sonic 2 more for that reason - it's not as suffocating in that regard. 
However, Hydrocity does something I like. It did what Labyrinth Zone did, my LEAST favorite level, but it did it so much better. It's pretty much the fastest water level in the series when the boost ability is not taken into account. 

Have you ever had that feeling? You laugh at your own mess ups, and then you get frustrated, but you STILL love it? That's Final Rush for me.
It may be the music, but I really like it. I think it may be the grinding - my first 3D Sonic game was Heroes, and despite the fact that grinding was in that game, it wasn't a main focus. It was just sort of... there. Sonic Adventure 2, when it was introduced, used it alot more. SA2 was the game I wanted to play for years, but never had the console or the money to do so until a few years ago, when it was gifted to me on Steam. And I played the hell out of it, I really did enjoy it. The grinding was more of a novelty for me - this game had so much of it, and it was integrated into the game well. Then Final Rush happened, and you can basically say "screw the level", and have the level screw you back. And it's hilarious. :3
It's an odd reason to like a level, "it has grinding" is a rather dumb reason and "it's frustrating" is usually a bad thing, but it's fun to just rush through. I would say my second favorite level from SA2 is Radical Highway, and that's because of the novelty of playing Shadow's first level, ontop of it being a fun level to rush through. But Final Rush beats it out, because it's fast, blood-pumping grinding action that is pretty challenging to an average "casual" like myself.
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