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Sonic GX- Fangame by Artemecion1175 Empty Sonic GX- Fangame by Artemecion1175

Post by Guest on Mon Jul 29, 2013 5:00 am

Lately, Sonic's games have been either hit-or-miss, sadly, with the latest game being released being Sonic; Lost World. I wanted to collaborate with other Sonic-loving guys and gals and bring Sonic back to his roots; speed. That's why I'm petitioning to create the game, Sonic GX, which will focus more on using the Blue Blur's blinding speed, and it WILL be in 2D (that's Sonic's best dimension, don't you all agree?). Here's a rundown of the story so far;

Sonic travels to the mysterious Isla del Fuego, an island said to appear once every 100 years. It has been infiltrated and overrun by the nefarious Dr. Robotnik, and now Sonic must race through the numerous locations scattered throughout, and defeat the Doctor. But, he notices that there is also another threat that may very well be his newest match; Silver Sonic II, a new model of the Silver Sonic prototype seen in Sonic 2 that matches Sonic's abilities more than the infamous Metal Sonic himself!

Here is a list of characters appearing and their respective roles;

Sonic the Hedgehog- Everyone's favorite blue hedgehog, he must liberate Isla del Fuego from the evil Dr. Robotnik before the Doctor can hatch his evils schemes. He must also battle Silver Sonic II, a newer, more improved model of the one he fought way back in 1992's Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

Fang the Sniper (Nack the Weasel)- A bounty and treasure hunter, Fang is employed by the nefarious Dr. Robotnik to capture Sonic during the hedgehog's saving of the island. Fang uses a laser gun this time around, instead of his usual pop-gun.

Silver Sonic II- Sonic's newest foe, he battles Sonic numerous times on Isla del Fuego. He matches Sonic in every aspect, to the point of actually being able to be Sonic. SS battles Sonic by challenging the Blue Blur to numerous races.

Dr. Robotnik- Sonic's main enemy and arch-nemesis, he begins to take over Isla del Fuego in Sonic GX. He uses several forms of machinery to battle the hedgehog, ranging from a treadmill that dispenses bombs, to a drill-car that chases Sonic down the hills of Hilltop Heights. He plans to use the Orbital Gem that resides inside the island to create his own space Station (as the Death Egg Marks I and II were destroyed).

Players are able to use either Sonic or Tails, and Metal Sonic will be an unlockable character if the game is beaten on either Normal, Hard, or Barrier Breaker difficulty settings.

1. Hilltop Heights- An aerial fortress built above a hilly forest. Lots of loops and down-straights to behold.

2. Azure Lake- A lake-like level with Sonic running across various ponds and water bodies. More platforming elements than Hilltop Heights, but nothing too altered.

3. Casino Park- Gotta have a casino level, right? Filled with more bumpers and point-scorers than your eyes can take, and it WILL frustrate you.

4. Underwater Palace- More like a faster version of Sonic 3's Hydrocity, this place plays mostly like it. Enjoy some familiar tunes, as well.

5. Wooden Forest- A fast-paced forest level, be sure to make your vertical straightaways faster than they already are.

6. Mega City- A giant, sprawling metropolis, Badniks sprout around every corner; watch your back while doing those fast loops and pipe-jumps.

7. Launch Base- Get ready to be launched over to Robotnik's base here on the island; but first, you have to get through this speedy deathtrap of a level.

8. Starlight Speedway- Fuego's equivalent to Stardust Speedway, get ready to face off against Silver Sonic II! Watch out for spikes, and time your jump attacks correctly.

9. Fuego Castle- Robotnik's base of operations and fortress here on the island, it's your job to get Sonic to the top. But watch out; the final fight against Silver Sonic is looming just ahead...

10. Final Zone- As the castle explodes, Sonic needs to get out of there, and quick! But the Doctor always has one more trick up his sleeve; try to escape his Mech that's just as fast as you are, and beat him to the base of the mountain!

If you're interested in the development of the game, post replies or anything that could contribute to making this game.


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Sonic GX- Fangame by Artemecion1175 Empty Changes to Zones/Levels

Post by Guest on Wed Jul 31, 2013 2:11 am

New Zones will be listed, as the names of the current ones have been altered to sound more 'original'.

Sky High Fortress

Azure Lake

Bright Light Streetway

Lost Maze Labyrinth

Hidden Valley Rush

Ultimatropolis Center

Northern Snowlands

Glacial Station

Starlight Speedway

Mt. Sol

Machine City Zero-1

Final Fall


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