Sonic Forces me to make a thread on Sonic Forces

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Sonic Forces me to make a thread on Sonic Forces

Post by RickerRagdoll on Tue Jan 09, 2018 11:37 pm

This game was bad...I haven't played it myself but from what I've seen and heard it's not worth the money...what did you think of it?

Before you comment I'd like to say a few things:

1. This game took 4 years to make and it feels like it was made in under 13 months.

2. Infinite is garbage, his design is fine but his character is just...bad...

3. There is very little originality in the final boss

4. The story is so contradictory that I don't feel like talking about what's wrong with it.

5. Classic Sonic is nothing but a cash grab and to connect Forces to Mania.

6. None of the characters serve a purpose except for Sonic, why bother making the supporting cast seem important if they don't do anything?

7. I had to read a comic to understand what was happening...I shouldn't have to read a book to understand a video game.

8. The soundtrack is filled with this Dubstep/Trap-sort of thing and it doesn't sound right in most places.

9. They reuse the exact same stage layout 3 times including the Episode Shadow DLC.

10. There are only 3 level designers in this game, 1 worked on Lost World and the other 2 have had no prior experience with Sonic whatsoever...

*sigh*...It's hopeless to beg for SEGA to listen since they basically don't care about Sonic's depressing but...maybe it's for the best.
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