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Maverick the Hedgecat Bio Empty Maverick the Hedgecat Bio

Post by Guest on Sat Jan 30, 2016 7:00 pm

Name: Maverick
Nickname: Mav (this is just what people use when Maverick is to long to pronounce)
Age: 13
Species: Hedgehog/Cat/Robot Hybrid
Gender: Male
Occupation: None

Appearance: All green with the exception of his mouth area, arms and that oval thingy on a hedgehog's chest.  His right arm is halfway covered with metal from top top to bottom along with his left leg, his right arm and left leg don't have as much metal covering them.  His right eye is sky blue and his left eye has an all black sclera and his pupil is has been known to change color and size based on his emotion so it has no original color.  He looks like the average hedgehog with cat ears and a long cat tail, he has 6 quills and has metal patches on his head and quills in random locations.
He only wears clothing when he is in public in order to conceal his metallic figure, his shirt is a grey oversized hoodie that covers his face with shadow, he also wears baggy blue jeans that are also to big for him length wise, waist wise they fit like a glove.  His shoes are a pair of black velcro-strap shoes that have 3 red stripes running from the front to the back of his shoe.

 - Being able to be himself without judgement
 - Drawing
 - Having some sort of fun

 - Being in dangerous situations
 - People who think they're better than everyone else
 - Others toying with his emotions
 - Spiders
 - Getting scared
 - Seeing violence

Personality: Maverick is shy due to his fear of judgement and metal body, but once you get to know him he's actually a really caring person that will do anything to make a true friend.  Maverick has incredibly low self-esteem, he always doubts he can do something without making a single mistake, even if that something is talking.  He opens up to others slowly, at first he'll most likely ask you questions about your life and other such things.  Maverick doesn't has a unique sense of humor, meaning it's not good but it's also not bad, most of his jokes are unoriginal.  He doesn't fight anyone if he doesn't have to, it's not just because he can't fight but it's also because he doesn't want to fight.

Social Status: Wishes he had a girlfriend but is too scared to be in a relationship.


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