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Post by Guest on Wed Mar 16, 2016 5:36 am

Name:Nitro The Hedgecat
Species:Hedgehog-Cat mix
Occupation:none at the moment

Appearance:Nitro has a head that looks like Shadow's but with blue and cyan (blue replacing the black with cyan over the red). Nitro likes to wear a red jacket with a flag looking zipper. Nitro also tends to wear a belt with brown sweatpants with multi-color shoes.

Personality traits:

-hanging out with friends
-making friends

-having to do certain things

Personality:Nitro always likes to hang with his friends and sometimes watches funny youtube videos. Nitro acts like a child sometimes while other times he acts serious and stuff...

Combat traits:
Nitro doesn't fight alot but when he does, he tries to do as much damage as he can before he gets damaged.

Powers:knife toss

-weak enemy
-the enemy doesn't have a weapon to defend

-can't get a good recovery

When a person got bored and decided to make a new o.c. who was called Nitro. Nitro was used for Miiverse, during one rp on miiverse, however, the creator(me, really, no joke c: )got bored again and gavery Nitro an update in design.


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Nitro The Hedgecat Empty Re: Nitro The Hedgecat

Post by Spekkal on Wed Mar 16, 2016 10:08 am

Hey there new member, looks like you'll need to reread the rules, since you're breaking a few! You won't be able to participate until you follow them, so I suggest you go back and correct your mistake!
Plus, double/triple posting without reason is against the rules too. I'll go ahead and delete those. If you want to make additions, please use the 'edit' feature on the post. Thankyou!

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