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Aiden the HedgeCat BulletblackHeadline:Aiden the HedgeCat Bulletblack 

"Why worry about tomorrow, when you're living today?"

Aiden the HedgeCat BulletblackGeneral InformationAiden the HedgeCat Bulletblack

Full Name: Aiden Richard Johnathan
Also Known As: Smoky, Dick (His brother's favorite)
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Marital Status: Single
Mate: None
Status: Active
Alignment: Hero
Morals: Lawful Good
Threat Level: (Minor, Mild, Moderate, High, Critical, or Cataclysmic . How much of a threat your character poses on it's own, most powerful attacks considered. Minor characters are relatively weak, while Cataclysmic characters are usually massively powerful. Cataclysmic characters are best reserved for end-game, boss characters only)
Team Formation: Speed
Date of Birth: August 13
IQ: 100 (Average)
Birthplace: Central City
Current Residence: Station Square, in his own apartment
Occupation(s): Part Time Waiter
Personal Quote: "Check that off the bucket list."
Voice Actor: Cody Carson (Set It Off)
Theme Song: Life Afraid - Set It Off

Aiden the HedgeCat Aiden10
Note: This is before Demi-Demon Contract, Now his eyes are red and he has a Soul Flame companion.

Aiden the HedgeCat BulletblackPersonal InformationAiden the HedgeCat Bulletblack

Attitude: A confident young man with little seeming to trouble him, Aiden is always upbeat and outgoing. He believes in focusing on the moment, not worrying about the future, and forgetting the past.
Favorite Foods: Rolos, Mint, Grape flavored candy
Likes: Sports, Adventure, taking up as much space as possible
Dislikes: Heat, Pessimists, being told that he can't do something, snakes
Fears: Being crippled, the ocean
Aspirations: He just wants to have a good time, and live his life to the fullest.
Family: Two Brothers, a sister, and two dads.  All of which he loves dearly. And Uncle Stephen. He's okay. And there's Granny Sam, she's his enabler.

Aiden the HedgeCat Bulletblack[i]RelationshipsAiden the HedgeCat Bulletblack

Aiden the HedgeCat Bulletblack[i]Summarized BiographyAiden the HedgeCat Bulletblack
Aiden has spent his life doing just about everything he can to make life interesting. Competed in many sports, extreme hobbies, even partaking in a little hero action on the side. He's that guy that's always doing hiking in the morning, some kind of extreme sport in the afternoon, and partying the night away after.

[i][i]Recently, his younger brother Gunnar had been killed in a horrible car crash, but Aiden wasn't going to take that. Without warning anyone, he struck a deal with Arial, signing over his soul to become a Demi Demon in exchange for bring Gunnar back to life. 

Aiden the HedgeCat Bulletblack[i]Physical InformationAiden the HedgeCat Bulletblack

Species: Hedgehog/Panther/Husky Mix (Hedgecat)
Subspecies: Demi-Demon
Height: 4' 1"
Weight: 115 lbs 

Physical Strengths/Weaknesses:
Athlete: Aiden has the muscular build of a professional parkour/ full body athletics. While he's not the sharpest, he's got the brawn and speed to back himself up.
[i][i][i]Prowess: He's got flexibility out the wazoo, and loves to show it off. Also keen feline senses[/i][/i][/i]
[i][i][i]Spines: His fur is a thick, quill like hair that can bristle into a sharp spine when threatened. But he's never threatened.[/i][/i][/i]

[i][i][i]Far Sight: He's a little far sighted, not enough to particular mess him up, but he carries reading glasses just in case.[/i][/i][/i]
Mental Strengths/Weaknesses:
Pride: He often never falls out of a bet, especially when his ego is involved
[i][i][i]PMA: It's hard to get him down, even in dire situations.[/i][/i][/i]
Powers and Abilities:
Vain's Smoke: Inherited from his father, Aiden can control a strange smoke-like substance that's within his body. It gives him the ability to phase through objects, but it's rather weak and he can maybe walk through a wall a couple of times before getting tired.
Demon’s Flame : The ability to produce and control fire on command. Typically used for augmenting attacks or small tasks.
Demon Blood : Aiden has enhanced speed and power. However, he can still be injured and whatnot. He does heal faster, but only enough to heal scrapes and cuts within a few minutes, and bone breaks in days.
Sinner’s Tribute : When Aiden commits a sin, such as murder, his demon gets stronger. It also keeps them satisfied.
Immortality : Aiden is immortal with the help of Blas, who is actually his soul in the form of a fire spirit. As along as Blas is lit, Aiden will not die. Blas can even shapeshift into other forms, such as a full sized mobian or even a dragon! But Blas is still very fragile, and Aiden can be injured by normal means.[i][i][i]


[/i][/i][/i]Catastrophe - Catastrophe is the demon residing within Aiden. When around evil or provoked, Catastrophe takes over Aiden’s body, changing him to a more suited form. Catastrophe is much sturdier than his mortal counterpart, and also has boosted speed and power. However, this form drains his host, depending on how long he’s in control. Often, Aiden has to sleep and/or rest after being released to get the lost energy back. He can speed up the process through artificial means, such as downing energy drinks or taking energy shots.

Aiden the HedgeCat BulletblackOverall Stats:Aiden the HedgeCat Bulletblack
[/i][/i][/i](Stat ranges from 0-10, 10 being the highest. Stat total does not have to meet, but should not exceed the range dictated by character threat level. Only Critical and Cataclysmic characters may have a maxed stat, the former only allowed to have 1 maxed stat, while the latter may have up to 3.
• (Minor characters’ stat total ranges from 10-20)
• (Mild characters’ stat total ranges from 21-30)
• (Moderate characters’ stat total ranges from 31-37)
• (High characters’ stat totals ranges from 38-44)
• (Critical characters’ stat totals ranges from 45-55)
• (Cataclysmic characters’ stat totals ranges from 56-65)

Strength: 7/ 8 
(Your character’s physical power: 0= Cannot lift own body weight / 10= able to 10x own weight or more.)
Defense: 5 / 8 
(Your character’s ability to endure damage: 0= Is mildly injured by playful punching / 10= Immediate regeneration upon taking damage)
Speed: 8/ 9 
(Your character’s running speed: 0= Crippled movement / 10= Speed of sound or beyond)
Dexterity: 7/ 8 
(Your character’s and sensory reflexes : 0= Gravely impaired coordination / 10= Nearly impossible to strike the user.)
Willpower: 2 / 8 
(Your characters mental fortitude and resilience: 0= Gullible / 10= Virtually immune to all forms of temptation)
Special: 5 / 5 
Your character’s elemental and or magical capability: 0= No elemental and magical ability / 10= Virtually commands of all forms of energy)

Total: 34 (Moderate) /  46 (Critical) [i][i][i]

Fighter's Rank: (Your character's competence, efficiency, and resourcefulness in battle. This letter may be either S, A, B, C, D or E, with S being the most proficient while E is the least capable.)

[i][i][i]Aiden prefers not to fight, and never really had training to begin with. However his natural instincts and boosted stats tend to give him a little more of an edge.

Aiden the HedgeCat Bulletblack[i]TriviaAiden the HedgeCat Bulletblack

[/i][/i][/i][/i]-Aiden is a huge superhero nerd. Also a huge Freedom Fighter fan. Casually has action figures of everyone on a bookshelf in his room.
-Has a chameleon named Rexo that chills on his head when he's at home.
-Has social media stuff, goes by the username @SmokyScythe 
-Often puts selfies of himself working out, doing extreme stuff, and going to conventions.

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