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Post by DeuxExDimensia on Wed Jun 25, 2014 10:08 pm

Surge the Unknown Chaothing_zps3b340544

Name: Surge
Nicknames: None as of yet
Age: Sounds around 18
Species: Unknown, but he takes the form of what looks to be a Chao
Gender: Male
Height: 1'00"
Weight: 17 lbs
IQ: 125
DOB: August 12th
Birth Place: Planet Fencur
Residence: None
Alignment: Dark
Basic Stats (added numbers cannot exceed 45)
Agility -  5
Speed -  9
Strength -  8
Defense -  5
Evasiveness - 6
Dexterity - 4
Intelligence - 6

Special Attacks: 

Energy Blades- Using his special energy manipulation powers, he is able to create two swords made out of energy. One of them is a light blue, like the flame atop his head, and the other is an orange-red like some of his markings. Only he can touch these swords without being harmed by them.

Pyro Charge- Using the flame atop his head, he can cover himself in fire and tackle the enemy at full force. Because he is not used to his flame, it can hurt him greatly depending on how hard the impact of the tackle is. It's a huge recoil move. 

Energy Blasts- Using his energy manipulation powers, he can shoot powerful energy blasts from his hands and feet, usually by punching and kicking. He doesn't need to punch or kick to release these blasts of energy though. 

Energy Shield- Using his energy manipulation powers, Surge can create energy shields. They aren't impenetrable, and can be broken with enough force. He can only create one wall at a time. The first must be taken down in order to make another, and the shields have a great cool down time which means he cannot take down a shield and immediately put up another. He has to wait, otherwise it eats up too much of his energy. 

Abilities & Aptitude: 

Flight: Like any skilled Chao- though one he is not- Surge is capable of flight. His tiny wings don't look like they can carry him very far, but using a combination of his irregular powers and little chao wings he can fly for quite a while. 

Energy Manipulation- Though it is unknown what energy he is manipulating, he can summon light blue and orange-red colored energy. He is very proficient in using this energy. It can either burn or cut, depending on what form the energy is taking. The list of things he can do with his energy is listed above, though sometimes he can get creative and think outside the box with how he uses his energy powers. 

Energy Eating- Using his spear-like tail, he can jab living beings and suck the energy out of them. This feeds into his pool of energy and can make him more powerful. It is because of this power that he does not need to consume food. It is incredibly hard for him to suck energy out of a moving target, the being needs to be still in order for him to suck energy out of it. 

Regeneration- If a limb of his- or his tail- is cut off, it will reform over a period of time perfectly. 

Hobbies & Talents: Having taken the form of a Chao, he seems to have picked up a lot of common chao hobbies such as drawing and playing instruments. 


  • Being an Alien lifeform, he doesn't suffer the same weaknesses as a normal Chao does. Of course, he only takes the form of a chao, so his smallness doesn't really make him all that frail. In actuality, he's incredibly tough. 
  • He speaks English rather well, for an Alien. He spent a while studying it, so he is able to converse with other life on the planet if needed. 
  • His lack of empathy makes it really easy for him to carry out tasks that others may get stuck on. Doesn't matter what the situation is, if he needs to get something done he'll get it done without any moral reasoning getting in the way. 


  • It can take a while for his limbs to regenerate depending on the strength used to cut off his limb. The use of lightning can especially halt this process. His limb will still regenerate, but it will take twice as long as it normally would. 
  • His chest area cannot regenerate as easily as the rest of his body. Given enough time, he can fully heal himself, but it will take a while. Aiming for his chest is the best way to finish him for good if need be. 
  •  It is possible for him to overload on energy if he takes too much of it. An overload of energy will cause him to shutdown due to not being able to process it all. 
  • Being near electricity, or things that generate electricity can mess with his senses. 

Personal facts
Friends: --

Rivals: --
Enemies: --
Known relatives: He doesn't seem to have much of a connection to any kind of family members, but his parents still live back on Fencur.

Likes/Favorite activities: Stargazing, Surveying new areas (In other words, exploring)

Dislikes/Least favorite activities: Cities, technology
Gourmet of choice: Though he doesn't need to eat, he seems to have taken a liking to meat, especially if it's burnt.
Beverages of choice: Nothing in particular
Favorite color(s): He's especially attracted to the color red.


Being as strange a creature as he is, Surge seems rather uncaring for others. He appears to lack empathy to a great degree. Fulfilling his goals- his wants and needs- seems to be what gives him the most joy. He comes off as very smug most of the time, even thinking better of himself for being so different. His superiority complex can sometimes take over his actions, for he has a great need to be better than everyone else. Despite his violent attitude, he's not really as quick to anger as he seems. It can take a little bit to make him really angry, especially if his harasser doesn't know how to hit all the right spots. 

Surge lives for himself, and no one else. Despite his superiority complex, and his tendency to be smug, he is actually very quiet. He probably will not start a conversation, but he will talk if someone talks to him first. Bothering him will only lead to trouble, though. Get on his nerves enough, and he will attack. 

Physical Appearance
Color: Black with light blue and orange-red highlights all over his body. 
Skin Color (i.e. muzzle, arms): Black
Eye Color: Light blue
Hair/Quill Style: He has two small spikes coming out of his head, jutting out upward with a slight curve to them. 
Other bodily features: There is a blue flame that seems to stick to his forehead indefinitely. He also has four spikes jutting out of his back near his tail, the tips of these also bare the same markings as the rest of his body. 
Attire: He wears a brown cape scarf around his neck.

Items & Weapons:

He doesn't seem to have any interesting items on him at the moment.

Theme song: --
Back Story: --

Main Characters:

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