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H.R.C records - Into the unknown.  Empty H.R.C records - Into the unknown.

Post by Shrike Marine on Mon Feb 06, 2017 8:49 am

- A man could be seen adjusting what seemed to be a camera, fiddling with it till it final sat steady, he appeared to be a scientist of some kind, a distinct black lab coat, glasses, sitting down in front of the device.-

"This is the data recording log of Project E.C.H.O chief field tester Dr Samuel Hendrick, the time is 5:30 pm... We making more and more progress as each day goes by, however I am feeling that perhaps we may be going a bit to far and beyond with this project. Being the chief tester for the project it is my duty to over see and evaluate the prototypes before they are confirmed ready for action.
So far only minor issues have occurred, these were events such as pausing, temporary shutting down and a few cases of confusion. We think it may be due to the fact that the telepathic control is only in its first phase so probably the connection is not strong enough as of yet. Kind of feeling sorry for the poor guy who signed up for this but then again he chose to do this on his own free will. 

The prototype soldiers how ever have been outstanding so far. The current Variant 5 are performing extremely well, but with a few hiccups from the commander which resulted in some unfortunate mistakes, no fault to the soldiers tho. At this point we have created exactly 500 of these Replicant soldiers. We even had a important visitor from G.U.N high command to over see a demonstration of the soldiers in action.

Pitting the Replicants against conventional G.U.N soldiers demonstrated just how much more superior they really were, using rubber bullets on both sides the Replicant soldiers were able to overcome G.U.N soldiers in mere minutes, as they rapidly adapted, out flanked and out gunned their opposition with out taking a single loss to the test unit.  

Least to say he was very much pleased with the results. Yet they seem to be wanting more and more, It is like they want to go beyond simple soldiers to achieve perhaps something that only exists in a dream, well what ever the case may be we have to continue following in their directions as they are responsible currently for the funding of the project. 
I mean with all due respect they were the ones who instigated and jump started Project synchronicity, the side project to create a telepathic leader to control and operate the soldiers, I know right sounds crazy but it worked, it actually worked, nothing else like this has ever been done before so I feel kind of proud to be working on this. 

Yet I don't understand some things all these concerns I have, for starters we are getting new prototypes almost every day I had no idea that the cloning system was this rapid its making it hard to keep to a time schedule yet they expect us to pass them in a timely matter, perhaps if they sent me more assistants we could do so but not with the current staff level, further more its been stated for all personal, not to remove the replicant soldiers gear even during dormant phase. Which is odd I mean why are they not allowed to take it off,they are clones they all look alike, anyway rules are rules I guess. 

I'v also recently just got orders to expect an arrival of a new commander prototype, they said she is a Mobian this time, they feeling that the current one is just not handling the situation as they would like and are taking him off the project which was written quote on quote. 

It might of been something to do with the first real crisis we had a while back with the current commander, studies indicated that while his mind began to deteriorate his psychic power grew, they believed eventually he will loose all control of his self and cause another situation as before when he suddenly took control of the soldiers and apparently killed a lot of people. However after containing him he  had no memory of the attack some times I feel like this is sending us a sign that perhaps we are dealing with something beyond our understanding.


Apparently this new subject has an amazing telestatic power already, so if  going by my calculations she could surpass our current commander with little to no extra need of amplification. This should almost eliminate the unstable nature all together I hope.

That is all the time I have for now, I'll update if any thing worth while comes up, I really do feel like with this we will make Mobius a better and safer world. This is Dr Samuel Hendrick chief field tester of Project E.C.H.O signing off."

-The man reaches up to the camera as it switches off going into static.- "
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