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????? - Nickname Azuré - Real Name Unknown Empty ????? - Nickname Azuré - Real Name Unknown

Post by Azuré on Sat Oct 19, 2013 6:14 pm

: Unknown. Nicknamed Azuré
Age: Unknown. Looks to be in his 20s.
Species: Tenrec
Values: Nature, protection of the defenseless, stress relief, singing, good food.
Despises: Pointless battles, killing, taking orders, deceit. 

Special Notes
-Enjoys fighting as sport, but is generally a pacifist.
-Becomes awkward around girls in non-professional settings.
-Sees allies as extra weight, but puts up with it anyway.
-Despite clearly being adult, has the voice of a young boy.
-Is a huge music lover, and loves to sing.
-Gets stuck daydreaming alot.


                              ????? - Nickname Azuré - Real Name Unknown Swift_10

He has a vampirey-pale skin, and a clean azure to cyan fur color. When tense, his spikes can become more crooked and pointed like Shadow's. When relaxed, they become looser like Sonic's and Amy's spikes. He has 7 spikes total, 2 of them being tiny compared to the rest. The back of his head is mostly round.

The muzzle and nose are rounded, and his ears are quite large. He doesn't have mono-eyes, and the shoes are a running gag of immitating my RL shoes, which just so happen to be Sonic-themed right now. 

Finally, sometimes at night Azuré can be found surrounded by a gentle glow for unknown reasons...his eyes turning from dark blue to glowing red....

Quick Background Log, click to open:

Quick Background Log:
Found one day on the beach with heavy burn wounds, this person has been found scarily well-equipped. He was equipped with a zapblast cannon, plated armor, a loaded magnum, multiple types of grenades, demolition charges, a multi-tool, a flashlight, a communicator, and survival gear such as an utility belt. 

Someone took Azuré to the hospital to recover from the injury. After recovering, the state took Azuré in as citizen of Falcon Square. Without anyone to identify Azuré, and him now suffering from severe amnesia, the state took him in as citizen of Falcon Square. However, every dangerous weapon was taken from him in exchange, such weaponry not being allowed to be carried by civilians or even police forces...

Weapon, the C-Blade:
Though it doubles as flashlight, Azuré actually carries a personally-customized laser blade! Sharpened to nano-dimensions because of it's pure light-based body, this blade was specifically designed to cut through metals without resistance. Besides for the handle, the blade is virtually weightless. When retracted, the blade becomes portable to pocket-size. It has a DNA-registering sensor and button combination password inside, making the blade-part only activate under Azuré's command.

However, the blade was designed specifically to take appart metals. The sharpness of the blade doesn't apply well on softer materials, specifically organic matter. It becomes as effective as hitting someone with a stick that's on fire, causing burn wounds at best.

The C-Blade also has a prototype supercharge option, causing the blade to grow twice Azuré's size and get charged full of leaking electricity. This is dangerous to both Azuré foe AND himself....

A heavily-trained expert at martial arts and strategic weapon use, specifically explosives, Azuré's loss of memory doesn't seem to affect any of his combat abilities. Though powerfull and inhumanly fast, Azuré does not specialize in superpowers. He wouldn't be nearly as strong as Knuckles, or keep up at all with Sonic.

His biggest strenght would be his lightning fast reflexes, especially when wielding the C-Blade. Azuré can draw and sheeth the blade faster than most people can even notice that he was swinging a weapon. However, Azuré is usually hesistant on killing, and will rarely draw the blade against anyone.

....for some strange reason, Azuré sometimes has quick flashes of seeing perfectly in the dark....
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