Punk Jetson The Hedgehog (Extended Version)

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Punk Jetson The Hedgehog (Extended Version) Empty Punk Jetson The Hedgehog (Extended Version)

Post by Guest on Sat May 10, 2014 2:28 pm

Full name: Punk Jetson
Nicknames: Punkles, Pink.
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Alignment: Conflicted
Description 1: Punk is an orange furred hedgehog with yellow hairy that spikes at the too and flows down at the back. His eyes are a bright yellow, is in average mobian height and has an average body size. His normal wear consists of a white shirt, black coat and black cargo pants.

Description 2: When overtaken by corruption, Punks appearance changes slightly, his hair, and body remain the shape, however his white gloves rip, becoming mere white wrappings on his wrists, his pupils fade to a pure white, leaving his eyeballs, his jacket is removed and his white shirt is replaced by a black vest, his cargo pants remain the same, his shoes become black.

Element: Light Manipulation

Abilities: Condensed Light attacks such as blasts and beams, these attacks will have little effect against darkness or light attacks themselves.

Attitude: When in his normal state, Punk is a laid back soul, he isn't the smartess, often getting caught in awkward situations and being made a fool, but he loves to make people laugh and have fun. He has a strong sense of justice and will aim to help with any small little problem, he is also competitive, getting hyped up when issued a challenge. When he becomes his corrupted self, he becomes a sadistic monster, instead of being brainless, this form of Punk wants to cause as much pain to individuals as possible and nothing more than gain more and more power.


Punk began his spiral of a life at the age of 17. When moving to Station Square he quickly found himself in perilous situations with new made friends in no time, they fought various enemies and what not for a good half a year. Hell Punk even made himself a girlfriend in this time. This process repeated over and over for a while. Until a situation of misunderstanding caused Punk and his lady-friend to split up. This only served to hook up Punk with his best-friend at that time Adena. Who, died later on in time. Punk and his friends had gathered the emeralds in hope to revive her, only causing two spilt versions of her to appear, which led on to a big arc of Punk caring for two teenagers. About a year later in Punks life, he had encountered a 'woman' of darkness. She had manipulated him in every which way, made him fall for her and do her bidding, raise her kids that weren't his, she used him in every way possible and caused his soul anger, confliction as his social life was crumbled from underneath him he lost friends, and he lost his way. Luckily, Punk had escaped this mess, but his soul was still angered. He took out his anger on objects at home and whatnot but, he didn't know, he never knew what he was doing. His destruction eventually turned to people, he attacked innocents and even his friends. Even getting into a fight with Sonic himself, Sonic seemed to get the better of Punk until Punk managed to steal the Red chaos emerald from him, Punk still possesses the red emerald, which only makes him more destructive. Now Punk is 22 and he is slowly being taken over more and more by his corrupted soul.


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