Special Release: Interview with Punk the Hedgehog - Jan. 29, 2014

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Special Release: Interview with Punk the Hedgehog - Jan. 29, 2014 Empty Special Release: Interview with Punk the Hedgehog - Jan. 29, 2014

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Interview with Punk the Hedgehog
Interview by SST Correspondent MidknightBeast

MidknightBeast: Hello there readers of the Station Square Times, my name is MidknightBeast and today I am in the company of Punk the Hedgehog, the second owner of a chaos emerald to have joined us! Amazing. How are you, Punk?
Punk The Hedgehog: Already starting off with a hard question, I can't complain at the moment though, yourself?
Midknight: I'm good, thank-you. I understand that you are in the possession of a chaos emerald, bet you're pretty happy with yourself on that one?
Punk: I wouldn't say happy is the right word. Confused is, you see I'm not even sure how I got a hold of this, I just woke up and, there it was.
Midknight: Ah...well...scrap my next question then...I WAS going to ask how it came to you, or how you got it...That sure is strange though, isn't it?
Punk: Indeed it is strange, This kind of thing has become frequent though, People continue to blame me for rampages and attacks that I haven't committed!
Midknight: You don't say? Do you mind telling us what people have been telling you about these.."Rampages"?
Punk: For the most part, I've "apparently" been attacking any random person on the street, attempting to kill them or brutallize them. But, I'd never do a thing like that! At least, I'm sure I wouldn't.
Midknight: So you don't make yourself to be violent at all?
Punk: Only in times of need, for the sake of good, In the past I've been quite the hero...Or, so I say eheh.
Midknight: Oh really? Do you have any powers? Abilities? They seem to be quite the thing around these parts.
Punk: Simple manipulation over light, Allows me to form rays of the stuff for attacking. Think of it as photosynthesis.
Midknight: Photosynthesis? Do you mind explaining a bit more?
Punk: I absorb power from the sun. Much like a plant would do, I think its a family thing, my parents never explained it to me. So obviously as you would guess, its very hard for me to gain power at night or in dark areas.
Midknight: Very interesting. Are you close with your family?
Punk: I was as a little kid. I moved away earlier in life to try and see the world and work. I keep in contact with them from time to time.
Midknight: Do you have any siblings?
Punk: A brother, whom I had a falling out with, we haven't talked in a good while....and I suppose, A sister, but she's more of a clone gone wrong.
Midknight: A clone!? How did that happen?
Punk: Eheh...lets just say never...ever...EVER, Annoy someone who has the power to manipulate. Because they will mess with you....a lot.
Midknight: Haha, I'll be sure to remember that. What kind of stuff do you do? My last interviewee was an adventurer...You said earlier you where quite the hero in the past.
Punk: I'm a volunteer, I often seek out people in need while I'm out in public and do what I can to help them. It's hard to live with, but I always put other people over myself.
Midknight: I see...What has been the most extreme situation in which you put your life over someone else's?
Punk: It's very hazy but, I remember in a battle long ago, with a being of amazing power and evil, one of my comrades was about to be obliterated, but, I took the blow, luckily I'm still here today.
Midknight: Quite the harsh past I take it?
Punk: Harsh? Oh yeah, I've drew the short straw many a times, not many what the category may be, but, ya gotta keep a smile on your face I guess.
Midknight: But I'm sure you've had people to support you?
Punk: I did! But a lot of them dropped off the face of the planet. Luckily I've got a bunch that are there to stay.
Midknight: Who would you say is your best friend around these parts?
Punk: It's not fair for me to answer that! I have some great friends, like Adena, Sam, Spark, list goes on.
Midknight: I guess so, *laughs* I assume you're very close to these people, how long have you known them?
Punk: Oh jeez, a long time now, 2-3 years now?
Midknight: How did you all meet?
Punk: Its hard to recall, I remember I met Adena at school. The others, all just appeared, usually in battle situations, we found and helped each other.
Midknight: Seems like quite a friendly community, like everyone gets along. Now, other than mysteriously obtaining the chaos emerald, what would you say is your greatest achievement?
Punk: Greatest achievement? Oh jeez, hm, I gotta say defeating a god alongside my friends, and celebrating together after overcoming such a tremendous feat.
Midknight: A god?
Punk: I don't recall his name, but lets just say the guy turned us into kids and we were not happy.
Midknight: Um...Well...I think that this is good place to bring this to an end...Any last words for the readers?
Punk: Of course. Ladies and Gentlemen. In order to succeed in life, you have to make a statement, you have to look inside yourself and say 'What am I willing to put up with today?' And also....just be happy! Thank you!
Midknight: Thank-you for joining us today, I'm sure the readers will be extremely interested in the information we got today.
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