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REFERENCE: Check Avatar & Signature

- Punk Jetson

-Punky, Punkles.


- Hedgehog


Date Of Birth:
- 4th August

Birth Place:
-Area of Research 213

Current Residence:
-Central City.

Social Status:

-A lot, although most have not seen him in a while.

- Any previous rivals have most likely been forgotten.

- Rift: A dark reflection of Punk himself created from matter created by Punk himself, this reflection has been tracking down Punk and constantly fighting him, until his most recent defeat, he has not been seen since.

Marital Status:
-Lets just leave it at single.



-Tarin and Acceler Jetson. (Unused in RPs)

-Bullet Jetson(Sister)
-Solar Jetson(Now not used)

Other Family Members:
-Aunts and Uncles, however not used in RP.

Team Status:

Team Name:

Team Members:

Team Leader:

Team Formation:

Team's Special Abilities:


- No physical weapons.

- Light Magic.

- Shield: Used on very few occasions, Punk uses a portion of his power to encase his body in his own light energy to form a lava-like subtance upon him, this helps to protect him fully from ONLY physical attacks, this armor is greatly uneffective when being faced with a beam/blast/explosion etc.

-Un-named form: A form that has not been seen a quite a while, Punk's golden eyes disappear to leave only empty, bloodshot eyeballs, while his coat is removed and white shirt becomes a black vest. Punk's physical appearance remains mostly unchanged. Punk becomes a separate entity, becoming destructive and violent towards anyone that he faces. While in this form Punk battled Sonic the Hedgehog, standing a fair match, Punk stole an emerald from Sonic in this battle thanks to brute strength, he has since lost the emerald.

(Name Other Abilities/Skills)
Light Beam: A Simple condensed beam of light that is usually shot from a single palm, though on occasion has be shot of two at a time. The beam contains a piercing quality that aims to evaporate its target.

Light Blast: Punk's body emits a short ranged circular blast of energy that surrounds a few feet around him. This attack is used mainly to create space rather than deal damage.

-The Sun: The greatest source of light to exist(Well the closest one we have). Punk uses the sun to absorb most of the energy he needs, without the Sun, Punk would have to use the energy he already has saved which would heavily limit him.

-Speed: Punk's battle style tires him out easily, Punk intends to end fights quickly as if he is kept fighting for too long he will begin to tire fast and lose a lot of energy, making him an easy target.

-Darkness/Night: Punk struggles to fight when there is no light source, this means he has no energy to absorb and must fight with the energy he has. Without any light Punk will become weaker and weaker as a fight drags on.

Dark Powers: Not hard to understand, Punk has a glaring weakness to Dark powers- Dark>Light.

Intelligence: Lets be honest, Punk is....dumb. He rashly runs into a fight without any thought or preparation, instead he goes in guns-blazing. This often leads to many defeats at the hands of foes who can out-think him.


With Strangers:
-Optimistic and outgoing, Punk likes to make people laugh so he will go out of his way to cheer up people he sees, even if he doesn't know them. He will act cheery unless someone gives him grief.

With Family:
- Fun, loud and happy. When with his family Punk will try even harder to be the clown. He constantly is up joking, pranking you name it.

With Friends:
- Caring, goofy and encouraging. When Punk is with friends he will suit himself into whatever the friend/s need. If the group is depressed, Punk will try and get them to smile. If they are bored, he'll do something fun. You get the idea.

With Rivals:
- Confident, Excited and Rash. If Punk is confronted with a rival, he will waste no time before asking for a challenge. He loves to be competitive, he will challenege for races, battles, you name it.

With Enemies:
- Serious. This is the only time you will see Punk serious. If there is a real problem on his hands. Punk sees himself as a kind of protector of people he holds dear. If he sees a threat to him or anyone close to him, he will instantly take it into his own hands.


- Oh god. Punk has a bottomless stomach, so there isn't much he won't eat. So I'll say his favourite: Ice cream.

- Soda, Energy Drinks, Coffee.

- Fights, Races, Competition, Group meetings, Hang-outs, Being the centre of attention.


-Vegetables are the only thing he won't eat.

-Anything with Vegetables in it.

The Dark, Being alone, Being ignored.

Theme Songs:

Main Theme:
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jkhaH2PgZ4

Battle Theme:
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsDQuKjYKsU

Victory Theme:
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46jiLVb6JuU

Defeated Theme:
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_QHjxuvOUg

-Punk's life began in a lab, experiments that can't quite be explained occurred from ages 1 to 3, from then on Punk return to his home in the countryside.
-At the age of 10 Punk's powers began to develop, they were premature and useless but were becoming prominent.
-Punk attended what he thought was a normal high school, there he met one of his closest friends: Adena. The two shared classes and were both 'trained' by a teacher of questionable origin to hone thier powers and abilities.
-Punk moved on into the Central City. In no time, Punk became friends with many new people, Slade, Spark, Darkness, Aqua to name only a few.
-Punk engaged in many unlikely events with these new friends, from fights to defend the city to holiday trips to the beach and even form a relationship.
-The next big event to hit Punk was Adena's death, which he blamed himself for, following her death and then her revival, he ended his prior relationship, to form one with Adena.
-The next few years for Punk was an ordeal. Punk's short lived relationship with Adena came to a sudden end as she miraculously disappeared, as Punk became involved with another woman, as Punk chased this woman he became distanced from his friends, shutting them out and paying attention to only her. Eventually, Punk would form a relationship with this woman, And even were to have baby together until, she disappeared.
-Punk was left with nothing, his friends cast away from him and no one to help. Punk returned to square one, searching the city for a reason, something to follow.
-Following this Punk did actually reunite with some old friends, forming bonds yet again and re-kindling his happiness.
-Later however, Punk went through some changes, every so often his mind would shift has his alter ego broke lose, turning him into a vicious, violent monster that only wanted to destroy and kill. During one this forms appearances, Punk had a face to face battle against Sonic the Hedgehog himself, during this battle Punk became very aggressive and was aiming to kill the Blue Blur. However, upon noticing Sonic had dropped a Chaos emerald, Punk nabbed the jewel and fled the battle, however, Punk has since lost the emerald and its location is unknown. This form of Punk has been unseen for a while.
-To this day Punk lives a normal life in the city, Punk's powers are generally un-needed due to the new heroes and villains that are seen today, however should he feel the need, he wishes to help where he can. But most of all. He wants to regain his old life...

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I like it! I would love to rp with you Smile can i make a rp in anything roleplays for you and me only?


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Dark The Hedgewolf wrote:I like it! I would love to rp with you Smile can i make a rp in anything roleplays for you and me only?



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