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Post by Guest on Sun Jan 14, 2018 10:16 pm

Name: Solar Emergi 
Nicknames: Punk (Current Alias)
Age: 24
Species: Hedgehog
Gender: Male
Occupation: Wanderer, Odd-Jobs


 Solar Emergi (Punk) 2kqmke11
Solar Emergi (Punk) 382-4310

Personality traits

- Recreational Fighting
- Extreme Sports
- Comedy

- Staying in one place
- Vegetables


Solar, or Punk, Is a jovial character, he always tries to find the joke in every situation he is in. He keeps a smile on his face no matter if he is with close friends or strangers. He also however, likes to play hero, meaning he can be quite serious when in presences of an antagonist, however still being taunting and finding a way to find something funny.

Combat traits


Punk has the power to control light. Punk's specific power of light manifests into condensed energy, usually used for attacks. He gains this power from the sun mostly, meaning when it is down, his power is GREATLY hindered. He uses this power in the form of light energy manipulation for attacks, and also to briefly fly.

- Medium Range Combat
- Fairly Strong
- Can Keep his Cool

- Not Very Smart/Strategic
- Close Range Combat
- Often too Carefree

Social information

Positive relations
- Punk has had a few very close friends, yet in the long time he has been gone, most of which have also left.

Negative relations

- None as of yet.


I will refer you here for Punk/Solar's full history:


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