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DarwinDarcy&Co's Character Line-up Empty DarwinDarcy&Co's Character Line-up

Post by Guest on Thu Dec 05, 2013 2:33 am

This shall be the area I put my characters. Obviously. If you should ever need a character reference, this is where you'll find it.

My story is much different from the typical Mobian canon. My characters live on Earth and fight an international drug master gang called the Doomsday Merchants.

The Merchants appear to be normal people off-duty, but when working, they wear an intimidating red and white mask underneath a hood. The gang has squeezed in through the cracks in society and managed to seat important members in high places in European governments. They will stop at nothing to make money on what they sell, even if it means wiping out all of the crime witnesses.

The Merchs have millions of people under their control, willing or unwilling. Their scientists are always busy concocting a new drug, enhancing their own soldiers, or creating new technology. The Elite will be challenged in defeating them.

I'll introduce the Elite first, then the Junkers.

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DarwinDarcy&Co's Character Line-up Empty Oscar Reilley

Post by Guest on Thu Dec 05, 2013 2:57 am

DarwinDarcy&Co's Character Line-up 1603294-Wuf7tqMnoeLdVP3M
[^ This hair and body coloration. This clothing. v]
DarwinDarcy&Co's Character Line-up 1789539-vVydFos1EShmUUj5

Oscar Reilley
Major and Founder of the Elite organization.

Gender: Female
Age: 18
Nationality: Scottish
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 136lbs
Personality Type: ISTJ; Tough, determined.
Weapon: Kwan Dao

Family: Deceased (Considers Elite family)
Love Interest: None known

Likes: Order, keeping busy, her teammates, a good Scotch (or four)
Dislikes: Milk, shellfish, fires

Favorite Song: Tha Mo Ghaol Air Aird a' Chuan

Biography: When she was small, her house was burned down-- and her Mother, Father, and younger brother killed-- by the beginnings of a master gang called the Doomsday Merchants. She managed to escape to Glasgow and find some work and a friend to take her in. The members of the Merchs found that she'd escaped with proof of their crime and tracked her down. She fled to the Czech. Republic, where the Merchs hadn't spread to, yet, and had a chance encounter with Tonda and his family.

When she grew older, she knew she'd have to take revenge on the Merchs after hearing the stories of repeated killings around Europe. One day in the Bazaars of Prague, she had a fateful encounter with Aurelious, who helped her start the Elite organization.

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DarwinDarcy&Co's Character Line-up Empty Tonda Doubek

Post by Guest on Tue Dec 10, 2013 3:17 am

DarwinDarcy&Co's Character Line-up 1746814-4ZV5p-yhcy5CET-q
DarwinDarcy&Co's Character Line-up 1814191-YNiZjOnIxtnfeT0B

Tonda Doubek, A.K.A. Troy Hutchmann
Second in Command over The Elite.

Gender: Male
Age: 19
Nationality: Czech
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 164lbs
Personality type: ISFJ; collected, dutiful, and caring.
Weapon: Revolver

Family: Mother, father, and sister
Love interest: Danielle "Beethoven" Wolfsheim

Likes: Roses, flying, playing chess, women with manners
Dislikes: Cottage cheese

Favorite song: Mumford and Sons, "The Boxer"

Bio: Tonda, meaning "deserving of praise," was always the good boy in his house of his mother, father and baby sister. Oscar arrived on his doorstep when he was ten years old. He called his mother to come see what he'd found, and since then, Oscar has been like his second sister. He taught her to speak Czechoslovakian, and they did everything together in their days growing up, away from the rumbling rage of the Merchants in Western Europe. When Oscar decides it's time to step up, Tonda is right there with her. Though, his leaving causes some trouble with his family, who are worried about him.

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DarwinDarcy&Co's Character Line-up Empty Chorus Springer

Post by Guest on Thu Dec 12, 2013 3:11 am

DarwinDarcy&Co's Character Line-up Chorus_ref__by_darwindarcy-d74oj7l

Chorus Springer
Elitist Propaganda and World Voice

Gender: Female
Age: 17
Nationality: American
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 117lbs
Personality type: INFJ; shy, gentle, protective.
Weapon: Throwing knives

Family: Older sister
Love interest: Currently dating Shadewolf's Fang

Likes: Singing, playing piano, sunny days, her friends
Dislikes: Cold food, being left behind

Favorite song: Mat Kearney, "Sooner or Later"

Bio: As a child, her parents left her alone to play the piano and practice her singing. She became very good at both at the cost of her childhood happiness. When the Elite travel to America fight the Merchants, Mercutio finds her an interesting case and decides to "adopt" her. He is practically her big brother, and she holds the roll of his little sister.

Chorus' voice has gotten her lots of recognition around the States, and her popularity is starting to reach the rest of the globe. She uses her following as leverage to advertise the Elitist cause. However, by doing so, she puts herself in danger with the Merchs.

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DarwinDarcy&Co's Character Line-up Empty Mercutio

Post by Guest on Sun Jan 19, 2014 9:25 pm

DarwinDarcy&Co's Character Line-up 1795364-HoKdYHYFs8SoW28A

Elite "Powerhouse" Soldier

Gender: Male
Age: 21
Nationality: German
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 177lbs
Personality type: INFJ; intuitive, stubborn, protective.
Weapon: Twin 9mm semi-automatic pistols

Family: None
Love interest: Unknown

Likes: Wearing black, being around Fey, surfing
Dislikes: The Merchs, whips, snakes

Favorite song: Unheilig, "Spiegelbild"

Bio: Orphaned in Berlin, Germany, at the age of six. He took care of his sister, who was a year or so younger than him. Neither of the two had names because their gypsy mother didn't want to get attached to them. Mercutio resorted to stealing to keep himself and his sister alive, and she would help as she could. Eventually they named each other. He'd heard the name "Anna" on the streets and named her that. She had taught herself how to read with books he'd stolen for her, and after reading Romeo and Juliet, named him Mercutio. She did it saying that like Mercutio in the story, who gave his life for Romeo's, he was giving himself to save hers.

At about 14 years old, he came back to Anna from his work (he'd gotten a job and could rent a tiny space cheaply), there were men with masks who had taken his sister and essentially killed her to force him to join their organization. If he didn't comply, they'd have done the same to him. Anna would have wanted him to live. They initiated him by tattooing the black tick-marks under his eyes. Over the years, with the amazing number of scars on his back and chest, his will to rebel decreased.

At 19, he'd grown quite valuable to the gang, found to be the Doomsday Merchants, and they decided they would make him even more formidable. They started a procedure with a serum to make him stronger, but the calculations were wrong, and they gave him a drop too much of the serum. The immense pain woke him, turning his eyes a dull black, and he broke the cuffs that held him on the operating table. They managed to get control of him and kept him in a prison while he learned to control the outbreaks of rage. He stayed there for days, until he was about insane, but he'd learned how to call up the serum to make himself stronger. He used it to break out of the prison and find his way out of Germany, though with his experience in the organization, he knows he's still not safe. Even with the Elite, the Merchs are hunting him.

*Yay for extremely long bios! 8D*

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DarwinDarcy&Co's Character Line-up Empty Ryuu Smith

Post by Guest on Sun Feb 02, 2014 12:42 am

DarwinDarcy&Co's Character Line-up Ryuu_ref__by_darwindarcy-d74ojpw

Ryuu Smith
Elite "Powerhouse" Soldier

Gender: Female
Age: 17
Nationality: Asian American
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 124lbs
Personality type: ESTJ; adamant, dense, competitive.
Weapon: Chains, each 16ft long, wound through with razor wire; one ends in a set of claws, the other in a grappling hook

Family: Mother and father (divorced)
Love interest: SolFox's Sly

Likes: Flying, fighting, food
Dislikes: Losing, whiny women, classical music

Favorite song: Poets of the Fall, "Kamikaze Love"

Bio: Ryuu's parents have been divorced since she was three; her sister, who was one at the time, remembers nothing of it. It's said that the two looked very alike, and Ryuu was her sister's hero. But sometimes, Ryuu just had to get out of the house. She had started taking Kung Fu lessons at a local venue, and often participated in competitions. Eventually, Ryuu became very formidable with her fighting skills. So much so that the Merchs, who had just recently started to gather in America, saw her as a possible threat, if she should try to join an activist organization.

At one of these tournaments, Ryuu's sister had come to watch her perform. During Ryuu's second fight, there was a delay due to confusion over the rules. The fight was just about to end when a man started screaming and running through the crowd to get to her. He exploded in the crowd, killing 13, including Ryuu's sister. Later, it was found that the man had been Ryuu's third and final opponent, and the bomb was timed to explode in combat.

Now, to get her revenge, Ryuu has joined the Elite and flown to Europe, hoping to stop the organization at its source.

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DarwinDarcy&Co's Character Line-up Empty Aia VanGuard

Post by Guest on Sun Feb 02, 2014 3:30 am

DarwinDarcy&Co's Character Line-up Aia_ref__by_darwindarcy-d74oizd

Aia VanGuard
Elite Soldier

Gender: Male
Age: 25
Nationality: Romanian
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 183lbs
Personality type: ISFJ; dutiful, intuitive, generally warm
Weapon: Sawed-off shotgun

Family: Sister
Love interest: Engaged to Valérie LeRoi

Likes: Good wine, quality design, manners
Dislikes: Cheap knock-offs, rap music, skanky women

Favorite song: David Gray, "Alibi"

Bio: Aia's life changed on one night, right when he was about to close up the small café he owned for the night. A shape appeared at the glass door asking to come in, and when he opened the door to tell it to go away, a beautiful raccoon girl whisked her way past him. Though he tried to tell her he was closing up shop, her relaxed manner interested him. They ended up sharing a bottle of wine and telling their stories by the fireplace. When she, Valérie, said her time there was up, he let her out and went home without incident.

However, a few months later, he was visited again. He'd been thinking of her all the time, but he'd never expected to see her again. Valérie showed up at the same exact time, and left at the same time. Again, he'd forgotten to ask for her phone number, like an awkward idiot, as he called himself constantly. He waited a while to close up shop, pondering the night over a bottle of wine. When he finally did go to close up, another shape was at the door. A man that Aia had spoken to and served many times at his café and become acquainted with. He said that he needed Aia to do him a favor and deliver a bouquet to a specific address. Of course, Aia agreed, knowing that his friend would do the same for him.

And so he showed up at the house with the bouquet of flowers and knocked on the door. At first, no one answered, but when he knocked the second time, to his surprise, the same raccoon girl he had met with earlier opened the door. He didn't know what to say or do. All he could manage to do was hand her the flowers and walk into the house when she invited him. They talked for a few minutes, but he could never bring himself to mention the man who had sent him.

All of the sudden, Val's eyes went wide and she grabs a knife to attack him. He put up his hands to try to defend himself, but the blow never came. Val couldn't bring herself to do it. She dropped the knife and ran out of the house with tears in her eyes. Aia quickly tried to follow her, but she stopped him, swearing that she'd kill him if she ever saw him again.

This broke Aia's heart. He never re-opened his café, started sleeping around, and spent most of his nights (and money) in a bar. Months passed and he had gotten so low that he'd slept on the streets for a couple of nights.

One night, he'd somehow managed to get involved in a bar fight and a guy had pulled a knife. Even when Aia was drunk, he knew he had to get the man away from the rest of the brawlers. Not quite thinking clearly, he shoved the man outside of the bar and the man turned on him, sinking the knife into Aia's shoulder. By some chance, after a few hours, a specific raccoon girl found him and brought him home.

From then on, they've been inseparable. It turns out the flowers had been poisoned, and when Val noticed this, she'd assumed it was Aia who was part of the Gang. She didn't know he was oblivious to the fact she was on the run. Then again, she hadn't quite told him everything on that first night...


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