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Post by Nicholas the Hedgefox on Sun Sep 23, 2018 1:06 pm

Name: Nicholas
Age: 20
Backstory of How he became good to fight off bad: His parents died from Sonic.exe and he got really worried and when he saw hes parents covered in blood with the word (Your Next) Nicholas ran for hes life none stop then he found his self in emerald hill before sonic did so he hided there as base and just lied down and then he met tails.. they were friends (the best of friends) and really he grew up meeting tails sometimes but fight by himself... he gets transported to different worlds somedays though
Likes: Pizza Chilling out in Emerald hill and green flower
Dislikes: EXES Getting forced to be on evil side

Nicholas the Hedgefox
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My Character Bio Empty Re: My Character Bio

Post by Electrisa on Wed Oct 03, 2018 6:42 pm

Sorry to tell you that but your OC breaks some rules of our forum:

"1. No characters that are related to OR friends with the Canon Characters. We don't need 5 girlfriends of Sonic, 7 best friends of Tails, 10 ARK projects that are just like Shadow, etc. The ONLY way you can have your character be friends with a Canon Character is via RPs in the Canon sections of the site. THIS INCLUDES METAL VERSIONS!"

"4. No art or character theft. This should be pretty obvious to all of you, but we've had a fair amount of this. What does this include? It includes claiming another person's character as your own, using others art without permission, recolouring other's work and claiming it as your own, playing a character who's not your own, a whole variety of things along those lines. And if you think we won't find out? Well... I'll just say we have a very good track record for catching people in the act. So don't do it!"

Sonic.EXE isn't your creation and using him counts as character theft.

Please read the rules carefully and fix your bio accordingly before RPing.

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