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Post by Guest on Fri Jul 26, 2013 4:24 pm

Name- Pinball P. Pendleton the Third

Age- 9000 (born before the planet was created)

Occupation- Intergalactic traveler, galaxy savior

Nickname(s)- "Ball-Man", "The Rolling Green Hero".

Gender- Male

Species- Rolling Man

D/O/B- 5/19/19XX

Birthplace- N/A (born before the planet was created)

Current Residence- Casinopolis, Westside Island

Friends- N/A (doesn't speak English well)

Rivals- N/A (Need to speak English to make rivals, right?)

Enemies- Kaiser Gereedo, Dr. Nefario, Dark Pin

Marital Status- Not Married

Crush- N/A

Lover- N/A

Abilities/Skills- Able to roll into a ball and attack multiple enemies in a pinball-like fashion. Also able to gain speed and momentum while rolling down hills or going straight down (does NOT have natural super speed). He is also an avid boxer, specializing in amazingly strong punches and kicks, occasionally.

Weapon(s)- He utilizes a power suit that enhances his strength 4x times. This power suit is used sparingly, as it runs on extremely rare Xanthacite Fuel.

Forms- Super Pinball; His body becomes a mercury-colored hue, and his defense becomes increased 6000x, enabling him to survive even the harshest of attacks. This form drains all of his energy after it is used.

Weakness(es)- He cannot swim in his Super Pinball form, as when his defense is increased, his body mass and weight is increased along with it. He can't breathe underwater either, so he never ventures near or in water.

Likes- Traveling the galaxy, Women, partying, being invested in his heroic duties

Dislikes- Enemies, Pac-Man, Sonic, all who are associated with Sonic, and his arch-nemesis, Big Bad.

Theme Song- "Un-Gravitify" by Cashell


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