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Maverick the Hybrid Empty Maverick the Hybrid

Post by RickerRagdoll on Fri Dec 14, 2018 1:59 am

Name:  Maverick (Mav for short)

Age:  13

Species:  Fox/Cat hybrid

Ability:  Pocket Dimension Creation.  He mainly only uses this as a storage facility, so there’s just a bunch of junk in there.

Gender:  Male


Maverick is a nervous wreck; he stutters frequently, he tries to avoid social situations as much as possible, and he’s constantly checking to see if someone is following him.  His paranoia actually leads him to view almost every situation in a negative way, even when he’s around people he likes. He has immense difficulty in concentration and other things that are necessary to function daily.  He also has a slight metallic effect in his voice, it's subtle but when people say anything about it he gets a bit embarrassed.


Maverick is a dim purple colored Fox/Cat hybrid with metallic parts replacing the following: His left arm, His right hand, his right leg, his left foot, his left eye, his left ear, partially half of the left side of his face, and the tip of his cat tail.  He’s about 2’9” and has steel blue eyes. His muzzle and chest fur is grey and the metallic parts of his body are tinted red except for his left eye which changes color based on his emotion and gets brighter the stronger that emotion is. The tip of his tail is shaped like a medieval spiked club.


  • Has one heck of a kick.
  • Since he’s so quiet, he can sneak around fairly well.
  • Since some of his body is made of metal, he’s a bit stronger than most people...just a bit though…
  • Able to use his pocket dimension as a hiding place.


  • Emotionally unstable.
  • Has severe trust issues.
  • Cowardly nature.
  • Opening and closing the pocket dimension creates a loud noise (Think the Dead Ringer from TF2).

Maverick’s Theme:

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