Grand Capital Of Mehunge,And rhe Eirubi Kingdom

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Grand Capital Of Mehunge,And rhe Eirubi Kingdom Empty Grand Capital Of Mehunge,And rhe Eirubi Kingdom

Post by kingleon on Sat Aug 25, 2018 2:02 am

Mehunge is the capital of the now nonexistant Eirubi Kingdom. It started as a village formed 1,200 years ago.  After many years, the city continued to prosper  as the Eirubi  continued to build their kingdom trough the conquer of territory. 

Eirubi Golden Age
500 years after the kingdoms founding(Aproximently 3 centuries ago)strange ships with weapons landed in the eirubi boders. The people that came out of the ship were unlike all else, as they could not be identified as any species found on mobius/Earth. Which made sense considering their place of origin was a planet known as Kashyakk Prime. This species was one that wrecked havoc on the cosmos,known as the Yimut. 

Only 15 years after their landing, tensions where  high between the eirubi and Yimut. Border skirmishes were common, Yimut raids most definitley happned. Then tensions reached their apex, and a began between the Eirubi kingdom, and, as the Yimut called it, the 'Opeveria Dominon'.Though both sides took consideriable losses, the war was in the favor of the eirubi. With their meta-beings , powerful magic, and the yimut's  lacklester knowledge of the terrain, they were able to eliminate most of their forces, the rest going elsewhere. Over time, they began to study Yimut technology, and learned to use it well. Things such as magical power agumentation,  Large scale guns and airships, etc.  

Mehunge Royal Complex

The Mehunge Royal complex stands at the center of tue city.  It housed the royal family and high govermental officals. 
Grand Capital Of Mehunge,And rhe Eirubi Kingdom D8a5ec10Grand Capital Of Mehunge,And rhe Eirubi Kingdom D8a5ec10(Sorry, accidently posted the picture twice)

However, the city has long been in ruins as a result of the war

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