Judas in my Mind.

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Judas in my Mind. Empty Judas in my Mind.

Post by Awakened Vega on Thu Mar 29, 2018 4:33 pm

The night was dark, cold, eerie. The clouds in the sky hiding the majority of stars, the reflective light of the moon only shining down in small areas, small amounts of time. The world truly seemed asleep. This silence remained true to a small forest, dense trees surrounding a little area, disconnected from the rest of the world. Well... the silence wasn't unending, in fact, light footsteps pushed through the dense, non-linear path. 

The footsteps belonged to a figure that, didn't exactly fit with his surroundings, the dark, shadow-filled forest was being traversed by a bright white hedgehog, his golden accents on his spines being prominent. He was alone, hands in the pockets of his black get up, his large boots moving slowly across the ground. His eyes of a deep silver seemed locked on going forward, he was in almost a trance like state, his breathing continuing in a regulated, slow state.

Eventually, the white hedgehog would pass through the last set of trees in his path, coming across a clearing, a small clearing in the shape of a circle, and in the middle, a small, yet seemingly deep pond, a small amount of light being provided from the partially hidden moon as it reflected from the still water. He would take a breath, looking to the small body of water, before taking a seat in front of it, crossing his legs over, taking in a deep breath, and slowly looking in to the reflective liquid..

"What is it now..." He began to question himself, staring his own reflection down, that same trance like state still washed over his face. "I.. thought things were different now." He went on, talking to himself, staring his reflection down intensely. "I thought now, this new transformation, the awakening of my power... I thought that.." He would stop himself, taking a deep breath as he reached out, touching the still water, making a small ripple as he began to imagine, seeing the reflections differently as he saw a young, past incarnation of himself. "I haven't forgotten... not one thing, the fighting, the arguing... its all still here." He would begin to mumble, his tone lowering as the reflections continued to form the memories he recalled, showing the many battles he had engaged in, and the many foes he faced. "It tore me apart... I, I thought by acting carefree and, joking around it would, it would hide the fact I was being destroyed from the inside..." He would shake his head, seeing the water ripple heavily as he saw visions of himself, destroying.. attacking innocents, rampaging. ".... It became too much, I... I turned my back on everyone and left... I threw everything away and let my heart be overtaken by..." He cringed, turning away from the water and slowly closing his eyes, going silent, for a long while...

Eventually, after many minutes of silent, deep breath, he turned back around. "I thought, being alone, regaining my sense of self, taking my soul back... I thought it would help me become the person I once was, before all of this." He would stand to his feet, walking back towards the water, seeing just himself now. "Instead... I became something else... something I don't even know... with the same memories... the same regrets... the same mistakes." He turned his back, taking a deep breath as he turned, looking back over the small clearing once more. "I may not know what exactly I want anymore... but... I don't want to be you ever again." He said, taking in a final deep breath, and leaving the area, disappearing off into the night.

What Have I Become, Now That I've Betrayed
Everyone I've Ever Loved, I Pushed Them All Away
And I Have been a Slave To The JUDAS In My Mind
Is There Something Left For Me To Save, In The Wreckage Of My Life
I'm Becom-, I'm Becom-, I'm Becoming
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