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Post by Angered-Fluff on Thu Feb 01, 2018 4:09 pm

Name: Savage Wolf
Nicknames: Sav
Age: 118 (Appears mid to late twenties)
Species: Timber Wolf
Gender: Female
Occupation: Self Employed Mechanic


Black wolf with vitiligo on her muzzle and underside of hands and feet. Lime green eyes that glow when her power is used. Built like a hard athlete, really tall. But usually has a kind, motherly aura. Almost always has her long hair wrapped up into a bun to keep it out of her work, normally having it down only for special events or when she lounging around her small built-in apartment that's in her workshop.


Not yet!

Personality traits

- Sweet, Sour
- Cats (Literally hoards strays in her workshop.)
- Tinkering (When she has the time to, anyway)

- Loud noises
- Wolfsbane
- Dark Auras


Savage is a kind, motherly figure, but is known to be blunt when it comes to advice or saying what's on her mind (Think Garnet from SU). She tends to keep to her work rather than go out, so she's not super up to date with the society norm. 

Combat traits


Spirit: Savage can manipulate a force called Spirit, essentially her own soul energy. It allows her to expel her 'soul' as a physical or a elemental attack, depending on her emotions and condition. Her soul energy is bright green, which is rare for her kind. This power can be used through walls, or even to attack someone's life force directly, though it's considered taboo to do so.

Aura Sense: She can sense and read others auras, making it hard to sneak up on her, or lie straight to her face. It also makes it easier to identify allies over enemies. If an aura is powerful enough, it could give her a headache, or a taste in her mouth, depending on the person.

Projection: In desperate situations, she can project her entire self into her 'Projection' or her soul's true form. In her case, it's a feral wolf.  She becomes a titan, but is slowed by the pure size of her projection. It's also spiritual, meaning it can phase through things like trees, buildings, etc, but can still hit her target (Assuming it's another living organic being, and not a robot.

- Meditation
- Nature

- Summer (It's so hoooot-)
- Coke
- Children

Social information

Positive relations

Negative relations




- Everytime she uses her projection, the vitiligo on her skin changes. Like a Spinda, no two patterns are ever the same!
- Owns a giant white cat named Snowball that she saved from an alley when he was a kitten. Gave him a robotic leg and a translator collar so he can annoy her while she's working.

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Savage The Wolf Empty Re: Savage The Wolf

Post by Shrike Marine on Thu Feb 01, 2018 6:30 pm

Her combat traits are rather unique I like that.
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