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Post by SmookiSmooku on Mon May 22, 2017 10:46 pm

Name: Alfie Wolf
Nickname: Ryder
Age: 27
Species: Wolf
Gender: Male
Occupation: He works as a scientist, that makes a lot of money.
Birthday: July 10th, 1990

Appearance: He has greyish fur, with no quills. His mouth is like Tails, and he has a long tail. He wears a science coat, and wears glasses. He also wears pants, and gloves that are long, that are clean white. His shoes are shaped like Amy's boots. He also wears a tie.

-Science, in fact, he loves science. Even though his most plans don't envolve science, he loves it.
-Sucess, he lives success, if it's destroying the world, winning, or even just a good test, it's a celebration for him.
-Being alone, even though he wants to kill all living things, he loves just to be alone. Like seriously, he's alone 24/7.

-Failure, like he will break his science equipmetpnt just because he failed at being smart.
-Showing people he's gay, yes, he is gay, but he doesn't like revealing it.
-Turqoise, Turqoise doesn't remember, but long ago, they were friends, but after a terrible accident, he no longer trusted him, and that's why he wants to kill all living things.

Personality: He's a jerk, since he's pretty smart, he's become aggnorant over the years, and overconfident. However, he does have a soft heart, and deep down he really doesn't want to kill anybody, but he can't stop himself now. He's somewhat kind to his ally's, and always worries if they're in trouble, though he'll rub it in.

Powers: He has the ability to teleport every 3 minutes, has a lot more strength then others, and he has acid for his left hand.

-Agile, he's not fast, but he's agile. He knows how to dodge easily.
-Intelligent, he may not be as smart as Eggman, but he's pretty smart. He creates gadgets to inhance his abilitys.
-Strong, he ain't as strong as Chuckles, but he is capable of handling himself.

-Overconfident, he thinks he can handle anything, and thinks he's invincible.
-Aggnorant, he's aggnorant, and it's now just plain annoying.
-Water, his left hand is acid, and you don't wanna know how painful that is.

-Moon (Ghost Girl)
-Turqoise, he was his only friend, when he had none. But then, Turqoise accidentally killed his mother, and they were never the same again.

History: He was born, his mother truly did love him. They were all that was left. He went to school, and he was bullied because of his fur colour, when everybody else had blue and red fur. One day though, he met Turqoise, and they were friends ever since. Until one day, he was over. The police recently found out that she was selling drugs for a living. She failed high school, so it was the only thing she knew what to do.  The day he was over, they were playing video games, having a good time. Until the police busted through the doors. They said they would go peacefully, but his mother fought back. The boys ran to the living room, only to find smoke. A gun slipped out of the smoke. Turqoise grabbed the gun. He told Turqoise to put the gun down. Turqoise told him that he was going to save his mother. He agreed. He shot a gun. The next thing that happened, the smoke was clear and his mother was dead on the ground. He had a mental breakdown, and thought that all living creatures were the same. Killers. Turqoise was taken away, where he never saw him again. Turqoise forgot all about what happended, but he remembered all of it. The next years of his life, he was trying to stay away from anybody. He eventually graduated university, and lives his life trying to kill every living creature. Including Turqoise last.

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