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The Spoopy Night... Empty The Spoopy Night...

Post by SmookiSmooku on Sat Jun 10, 2017 6:09 pm

(Just one of the many stories Turqoise and Alfie went through.)

9:36 PM

Alfie, Turqoise, and his mother were sitting at a fire, in the woods. She thought, it would be a great exercise with her child and Turqoise, who was recently now known as a "cousin". "And then... It was the sea monster!" Young Turqoise grabbed the flashlight, and held it up to his face, for a spooky affect. Alfie was already shivering. "W-what happened next?..." He shivered. Turqoise looked at him, then smirked. "The sea monster grabbed him! "Oh no! Sea Monster please don't eat me!" He shouted. "Raargh!" And the sea monster ate him! And went back into the ocean, never to be seen again!" Turqoise finished. His mother was clapping, while Alfie was in a blanket, spooked. "What a great story, Turqoise, but it's time for bed!" Alfies mother informed him. Turqoise sped to bed, while Alfie slowly went into his covers, keeping on his flashlight. She gave Alfie a good night kiss, and went to her tent.

12:03 AM

Alfie woke up. "Yawn, what time is it..." He slowly reached for his watch, finding out it was 12:03 AM. "Better get back to sleep..." He closed his eyes, before a light shined in his eyes, while he covered it with his hand. The light disappeared, and he crawled out of the tent, wondering what it was. With the flashlight in his hands, he shined the light to see if anybody was there. "No luck." But he wasn't about to give up. He walked through the woods, trying to find the light. He faced the other direction, and looked back. He continued searching, until he went through something white. "It better not be what I found at a club last night..." He shivered the thought about it, but then walked out of it. "Wait... is that a g-ghost?" He thought. The white being looked down upon him, and it was indeed, a ghost.

12:46 AM

Alfie sped down the woods, while a ghost chased after him. "AAAHH!" He screamed, and climbed up a tree. "T-theres no way it can get up-" Something poked his shoulder. The ghost was floating in place, beside him. Alfie booked it, and jumped to another tree, and again. He eventually climbed down, and ran to find their tent. He ran left, no luck. He ran right, no luck. He ran backwards, that made him hit a tree. He could not find their tents. He ran behind a tree. Trying to hide. He can see the ghost trying to look for him, but he still couldn't find Alfie. That's when he looked right, to find another ghost beside him. "AAAH!" He ran away from that ghost. Soon more ghost chased Alfie. He couldn't seem to lose them. He took a left, then a right. He stopped. "A corner..." He turned to run away from it, but it was too late. He was already cornered by the ghosts.

1:32 AM

The ghosts dragged Alfie. He flailed his arms around, trying to get free. "Those ghosts sure have a strong grip." He was thrown into a house. He looked around, it seemed empty. And then, one by one more ghosts appeared. Not trying to kill him, but they seem they were partying. Then, a ghost poked his shoulder. He turned around to see Turqoise, but as a ghost? "T-turqoise! How di-d you turn-" He trailed. Turqoise just shrugged his shoulders. "It sorta just happened dude." He told his buddy. It seemed these ghosts just wanted to invite him to the party. Turqoise dragged him upstairs, while Alfie just went with it. Everybody here were just chilling. Sitting down, drinking soda, relaxing. "Here, grab yourself a drink." Turqoise told Alfie, and floated down to the first floor. He sat down, grumpy. ~This is so stupid~ He thought. The ghost asked him what he would like, and he just asked for a soda. He looked beside him to see a ghost, a girl ghost about his age, she was grumpy too.

2:12 AM

Turqoise was beating a guy at a video game. He knew he was going to win, he played this game so many times. But alas, he lost to a ghost. He pumped the ghost. "Good game." And flew back to see the finale of the game. He watched as the ghost who won against him, beat another ghost. That other ghost was pretty mad at that ghost for beating him, and punched him. "Hey! You cheated!" The ghost (Earl) yelled at the other ghost (Jojo). "Yo, fool I ain't cheat!" Jojo told Earl. Earl grabbed him, and threw him across the room. "Oh, it on, fool!" And Jojo flew to Earl, punching him in the stomach.

2:34 AM

"You look grumpy. Why are you grumpy?" Alfie asked the girl. "Pfft, I'm not grumpy!" The girl ghost lied. Alfie crossed his arms. "Ok, so maybe I am..." The girl ghost put her hand on her forehead. "My mom wants to make me alive! But I already told her I like being a ghost! My mom is such a pain." She complained. "Well, why?" Alfie asked. The ghost girl started to question that. "Why?..." She thought, and she flew over to her mother. "Hey! Wait!" Alfie jogged, following her. "I can't fly!" He eventually made it to her. Panting, he looked up to the ghost girl, who was upset. "What's wrong now?" He asked her. She just flew to the backyard, without saying a word.

3:00 AM

Jojo punched Earl to a wall. Earl pushed him back, and kicked his stomach. Turqoise watched the fight, sweating. ~I gotta do something!~ He thought. He had an idea. He went into the kitchen. "Hey! You can't be in here!" The ghost chef yelled at Turqoise. Regardless, he grabbed the fire extinguisher, and flew out. He went back to where the fight was, and used it on them. "Guys relax!" He yelled at them. "We have people who want to play this game! Does it really matter if someone cheats or not? It's a game!" Ghosts start agreeing with Turqoise. "I've been waiting for an hour to play this game!" One of the ghosts said. "I have been here, letting people go before me, I haven't even touched the controller yet!" Another one told every ghost. "I set up the game! Stop fighting and start getting out of the line!" All the ghosts were trying to get those ghosts out of there. Embarrassed, the two ghost flew away from the game. People thanked Turqoise, and went back to playing. Outside, Turqoise watched as the two ghosts apologized, and hugged each other.

3:45 AM

The party is almost over, since they can't stay out for too long. Alfie walked outside, where the girl ghost was standing at the broken fountain, with her arms crossed. "Will you tell me?" Alfie asked the ghost girl. She stayed quiet for a few minutes. "I don't feel comfortable telling you." The ghost girl faced the other way. "That's alright." They stayed quiet. "Thanks, anyway. My name's Moon, by the way." Moon told Alfie. Moon hugged Alfie. "I got to go now." She flew away, leaving behind her address. "Maybe I'll letter her." Alfie shrugged, and went to find Turqoise, who was back to normal.

4:56 AM

While searching, they finally found their tent. Alfies mother spotted them, and ran toward them. "I'VE BEEN WAITING ALL MORNING FOR YOU." She was a mess. "Well, let's just say we might've been having a bit of fun." Turqoise smirked and shrugged.


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