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Sonic Utopia (Fan Game) Empty Sonic Utopia (Fan Game)

Post by Midknight on Tue Nov 08, 2016 10:04 pm

Unsure if anyone has heard of or seen anything about this fan game, but I felt I'd make a little topic for this to be discussed!

What is it? Well, Sonic Utopia is a Fan Game that has been made to experiment upon Sonic's Gameplay. This game is in 3D and is very open world in comparison to other Sonic games, yet it still manages to keep the concept of speed that we all know in Sonic games. The graphics however lean towards a more Classic Sonic style, which honestly I think looks absolutely f a n t a s t i c !

I haven't played the game myself, but I have gotten a lot of excitement and hype from watching other people play it. I would honestly love for the Sonic Team to come out with a game like this, what about you?

Here's a video of some gameplay!

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Sonic Utopia (Fan Game) Empty Re: Sonic Utopia (Fan Game)

Post by Dregan on Fri Dec 30, 2016 10:03 pm

Wow, noone else commenting on this? Alright then, guess I'm first in.
I will say, one of my favourite things about what I've seen so far is the use of momentum. A lot of modern Sonic games sorta make the mistake of just going 'Sonic is about speed, speed no matter what, we have to make sure he keeps going fast'. They'll sorta give this illusion that momentum is carrying you forward - putting speed boosts just before loop-de-loops and wall-runs to make sure you go fast around them, when in fact skipping the boost shows they've just used false gravity and you can literally WALK your way around the loops, going upside-down and carrying on at a meandering pace.
This game more understands the older philosophy of the original games - where speed isn't a constant, but rather, a reward for retaining momentum. You can manage the loops if you keep the speed up, but the physics are there to let you fail them if you lose control. Going full-circle is a challenge, part of the gameplay, not just a set-piece.
And this obviously applies outside just my example of the loops - it's all about building and maintaining speed, and avoiding the enemies, traps, and of course the dreaded water, that'll all seek to bring you to a full stop where your challenge to build up to full pelt starts all over again. It just understands the very basics of what made Sonic work in the first place, and it really feels how a 3D Sonic game SHOULD feel.
So... yeah, that's my two cents.

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