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name - Shrike Burn
Age - 24
Occupation - Former G.U.N soldier now Freelancer
Gender - Male
Species: Human (probably) 


Shrike's early life is a little rusty, not much is known of it nor has he every really spoke out about it. Shrike was raised by a single mom when his dad abandoned them only 10 months after he was born, being the only child and his mother Shrike grew up as a quiet and isolated child tending to avoid company rather, whether this was by choice or just circumstance is unknown, Shrike attended school with in Station Square however unlike most kids Shrike did not fully interact with others in fact he did his best to stay away from them. At a early age during both primary and high school Shrike had been mocked by others, bullied and generally shunted aside for his likes, his actions and just who he was in general thus resulting in further isolation and wanting to move away from others. 

After finishing his schooling days Shrike was immediately conscripted into the military force known as the Guardian Units of Nations, to be trained as a ground soldier in the vast ranks of the military. Where once he was a struggling person, gripped with issues, rejection and a troubled background, he shon, while the initial change from his life to military was not easy over time he adapted and became some one finding his calling in the armed forces.  However his self complexion still got the better of him, he was known to always get in full gear even when not on deployment or in active duty. 

This kind of behavior earned him the nick name "nomad" as they just knew him by helmet and not by face. Despite this Shrike saw limited action with his unit he was attached to, that action were against foes such as the Empires robotic forces, the Dark legion, several rebel groups and the usual guard duty. He was by no means a special forces operative he was merely one of the soldiers on the ground, like countless others doing his job to try to make the world a safer place. 

However what he considered to be a perfect life was all about to be shattered, because perfect never lasts. His unit had been reassigned to safe guard a important facility near by to their location, the reason they were called upon was due to the fact that they were the closest military unit to the complex and High command do not want to spare valuable special forces units to that location. 

Thus they took over security duties for the complex.  Unknown to all of them here would be the place every thing would change, during this time H.R.C the Horizon Reach Corporation was a extremely wealthy company funded by the United Federation and backed by G.U.N to carry on the development of technology to push Mobius forward, however the corporation had dark secrets and personal agendas of their own. 

What seemed like a simple place to protect turned into a nightmare, with out warning the base came under siege by a mysterious force, quickly rallying together the security forces moved in to contain the threat, it was here Shrike would be left to safe guard the armory while the rest to deal with the threat, this was possibly the only reason why Shrike had not suffered a similar fate to the rest of his friends, despite the battle against the mysterious creatures his entire unit was killed, leaving him alone. Trapped, lost and with death lurking in the corridors Shrike didn't know what to do. 

However one other man was still alive, DR Lysander a man who was one of the scientists behind the project that caused so much death, he explain to Shrike that he needed to stop this alone, no one was left to stand against the tide. Guiding him through the whole way, Shrike armed himself with as many weapons as possible and began a hard long battle through the horrific creatures and by sheer determination, luck and a lot of firepower Shrike managed to finally shut down the machine that turned out to be a kind of portal device that had brought this deadly menace to the world.

Shaken, confused, terrified and broken Shrike only had but a brief moment to look over what had just happen, his friends lay dead, hundreds more personal killed. To make matters worse D.R Lysander urged Shrike to escape the facility, H.R.C were on their way to clean up and cover up this terrible disaster.

 Together with D.R Lysander the two escaped the dark place and ventured forth into the world, Beyond consumed with anger and rage D.R Lysander began to spill information about what the H.R.C were really behind and doing. He believed that now the tipping point had started, every thing was going to come to pass, the hole they had dug was only going to get deeper, it would all come back to get to them.

Project Arkgate as it was called was covered up, the device moved and work continued, this however had the unfortunate side effect of making a link between the creatures world and Mobius, allowing this beasts to enter Mobius during intervals, thankfully only with in proximity to the device that started it all Unable to call upon others for help as the complete board of directions convinced the major backers that it was Shrike and Lysander who were responsible for the out break and destruction, earning them the title of Renegades, criminals and murderers. 

Shrike and D.R Lysander waged a 2 year covert battle against the dark creatures to stop and figure out a way to possibly shut the rift between the two worlds. Eventually together they managed to locate the Arkgate device and destroy it, the destruction of the gate cut the link between the two worlds, the dark creatures unable to exist faded from Mobius, it was finally all over. 

With the battle won and Mobius safe D.R lysander took all of his information and exposed the harsh truth of H.R.C to the United Federation and G.U.N high ranking authorities, all backing and funds were cut, Clean up teams were sent to shut down and remove H.R.C from the world, the corporation went bank rupt and ceased to exist the both had there labels of renegades removed and besides a few radicals who escaped, H.R.C faded all together, what happened to the various projects and facilities was never known.

Shrike and Lysander went their own ways but always remained in contact, they both wanted to move on and leave the past as the past. Lysander took to engineering of robotics, Shrike turned to freelancing. Taking his gear and training to serve as a hired guard to watch over and protect small towns who were out of reach of local authorities. It was here he was able to begin the small recovery cycle of returning to the normal world.

 Now he lives a simple life offering protection to the world as he once did when he was a soldier, tho still plagued by numerous issues he tries his best to help the world around him where ever he may go. 

 Shrike is a real mixed bag when it comes to his personality, on one hand he could appear to be a kind and caring guy, but on the next he can become a rather cold and violent person, it all stemmed from his change in being during the incident years ago, while there is signs of change Shrike is rather unpredictable, yet still believes fully in doing what is right, tending to be rather selfless in times of need,

 Shrike often will put every thing he wants or his own life aside for the sake of the greater outcome. Shrike exhibits strong self issues, unable to even remove his helmet and expose his face, Shrike is still dealing with issues that followed him through child hood. He has been noted to have a strong tenacity when it is something that matters to him, if not then he really just could not be bothered to even try. 

Generally respectful to others especially ladies, Shrike has a cold exterior but a rather warm interior, on the out side he may seem to be brash, cold and unbreakable, but once some one gets to know him he tends to show a rather more caring and protecting side. Despite his trigger happy nature Shrike will often times attempt to settle issues with out needing to fire a gun. He tends to also spend a lot of time alone, as he enjoys reflecting about himself, events, the past , present and future and some times can get caught up in his own world. 

D.R Lysander: If it were not for this man Shrike may of not been alive to see the future, Lysander helped Shrike defeat his enemy, both in terms of support and aiding him in fighting, both a scientist and turned fighter Lysander is Shrikes most trusted ally, tho they have not spoken or seen each other in some time they still have a strong bond, they had been through a lot and chances are they would not forget one another or would be the last they saw of one another.

Caen Flare : A well trust ally, together the two have fought back to back against various kind of enemies and have generally got on along well, despite a few arguments they always came out swinging harder then before.

Liela Devionus: What started off as distrusted soon grew on him, despite her previous actions Shrike befriend her along side Caen to help to change her ways, tho they not crossed paths a lot the two seem to get on just fine and proven to also be effective at fighting together.

Syleen briggs: A former member of his military unit, she was a wolf mobian female who was a new transfer to there force and upon entering Shrike befriended her, helping her adjust to the new unit, It is believed she died during the ArkGate crisis, nothing more is known. 

Negative -

Horizon Reach Corporation: Once a standard security soldier for the vast corporate empire Shrikes loyalty soon was shattered after witnessing the true nature behind them and vowed to strike back when he could. 

Lillith trompe l'oeil: Dislikes his very existence, despite it she tends to want to challenge him often or prove she is strong enough to destroy him, he usually just brushes this off and ignores the threats.

Dark ones: Once his arch enemy now ceased to exist thanks to the efforts of himself and Dr Lysander. 

Scylla Bradanksa : A noted enemy during the siege of a town, little else is known of her. 

 The armor worn by Shrike is more or less the same armor as is standard issue to all front line personal, the dark grey armor covers his chest, back, shoulders and stomach zones and is strong enough to shrug off some hefty attacks, a pair of knee guards, black steel cap toe combat boots and black gloves round off the other gear with optional armor for his fore arms and various accessories.

 Choosing distinct green under clothing  as green happens to be his favorite color, his helmet is probably the best well known feature about this guy, it is a dark grey state of the art military class helmet that offers shrike many many things, every thing from protection, various visions such as infrared, night vision and thermals to basic things like a compass and range finder.

It has a small antenna fitted to the one side allowing Shrike to pick up on communications in the area. It is also the staple feature that hides his identity, no one but  2 beings on the planet know of his true identity. 

Shrike only employs a handful of weapons ever since the ending of the covert war. The weapons he holds onto now are just a fragment of what he once used.

UD-9 side arm: Basic pistol fitted to his left leg holster fires 9mm FMJ rounds ideal for a back up weapon, he never leaves this one behind.

Echelon G2A2 assault rifle (Fire of hope): Shrikes one and only this rifle has been with Shrike since his days at G.U.N and has continued to be with him protecting him from the enemies of the world. The Echelon assault rifle is a robust piece of gear able to handle and operate in tough conditions, extremely easy to maintain the rifle it self has been customized slightly to suit his needs. The rifle is able to hold up 35 rounds per clip and is able to fire various kinds of ammunition. Firing large 7.62mm bullets it packs a serious punch. For assisting Shrike in medium to close range fighting a small optical point sight is attached to the top most railing, this can be removed and replaced with normal sights if so wanted. Under the rifle barrel is a M3 thumper grenade launcher this handy piece of tech gives Shrike some impressive and much needed explosive punch used to deal with extremely dangerous targets or heavily armored robotic units. 

The rifle however lacks the ability to specialize and thus dedicated weapon uses for ranges such as pure sure or pure long will out perform his weapon. Forcing Shrike to get with in range. The weapon also has no ability to be accurate at long ranges. 

Shrike does not have many weaknesses as he usually can deploy a lot of gear to deal with situations, but due to his lack of powers or unique abilities, Shrike has to be in constant use of weapons and gear to get the upper hand, When those who do oppose him have to consider not how to beat him, but how to outlast him, Shrike is only human after all and can be exploited due to that weakness.

 He also lacks support from allies making group attacks a big problem for him as he has to fight alone, His other weakness is close quarters, while basic trained in this fighting area, he is purely a ranged combatant and those highly skilled in close quarters fighting may find it easier to engage him at close range. His isolation factor leaves him open to be targeted by any one. 

Highly powerful electrical attacks may also temporary disable his gear creating moments where shrike would be almost defenseless.


Shrike is extremely powerful at range, possessing a vast amount of weapons, he is able to unleash devastating firepower, at a distance whether it is simple pistol or the massive  mini gun, Shrike can bring the rain and does so with ruthless force. His military skill in ranged combat training as well as a lot of practice has made him dangerous in this regard. His other strength lays in his inhumanly fast reflexes, allowing him to avoid many attacks and return with a response fairly quickly, whether this ability is genetic or enhanced is unknown. His sheer tenacity to keep going is also a strong card to play. 

unique traits:
Shrike has for some unexplained reason very very fast reflexes, bordering on super human style, he is able to react far quicker then any one else he knows, able to change, adapt, avoid hits and many more, whether this was developed or by other means is unknown but has lend it self very really in tricky situations. On top of this, after experimentation by Lysander himself Shrike ages slower then normal, five years is roughly one year for him now.   

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Updated story, relations and some other bits and pieces, yea its long this has been going for some time.
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