Bio of Shrike the Marine in green.

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Bio of Shrike the Marine in green. Empty Bio of Shrike the Marine in green.

Post by Shrike Marine on Thu May 29, 2014 3:08 pm

Shrike was a born an raised Human residing in Station square. His up bringing was indeed a one with many flaws. His father abandoning him at 10 months of age due too "unknown reasons" He was left in the care of his mother. His childhood was in the darkness of shadows spending a great deal of time alone instead of interacting with his fellow humans. After ending his school years he enlisted in the G.U.N ground troops too become a G.U.N marine. While having struggled his entire life he performed outstanding during the training and was noted for having beyond human reflexes. After becoming a fully commissioned soldier at the age of 22 Shrike was posted as various hot zones through out the planet fighting several hard battles against Eggmans robotic legions, the Dark legion and other foes who stood against the order of G.U.N. A notable mission was in when his unit was tasked with helping Paladin Sigma Alpha 2 with the Capture of Sonic the Hedgehog which was successful until his escape from the helicopter. Every thing changed on one day. G.U.N as usual was conducting experiments of new prototype systems one was a pan-Dimensional system gate way too attempt possible teleporting. This was a step too far. It tore into the fabric of the universe and opened a rift straight too hell it self. Soon the base was over run by demons. Those who fought died. Leaving only the last soldier standing. Shrike decided too fight and die. He did well not die. He battle past the demons discovering the source of the invasion was Arkgate 1. After a hellish battle he reaches it and blows away the Gates stabilizers shutting the Gate way. One would assume a heros welcome. Instead G.U.N wanted a cover up and thus sent in kill squads too take out any survivors. Luckily shrike managed too escape. And since then has been known as the marine in green. Taking on those demons who still slip out of the gate ways that G.U.N continues too attempt. 

Race: Human
Name: Shrike
Occupation: ex Soldier
location: Station square.
height: 6'1 foot
Weight: 190lbs
eyes: dark navy blue
hair: Short light brown.
age: 23

Clothing: Green soldier armor, Silver grey combat helmet , Leg gauntlets, Combat boots, black gloves, utility belt. 
personality: With drawn, selfless, tenacious, caring , stubborn, strong, supportive.

Battle style: overwhelming firepower.
Shrike Marine
Shrike Marine

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