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Post by Guest on Thu Jul 02, 2015 10:21 pm

Name: Mark Hayson 
Nicknames: Dazzle
Age: 26
Species: Tiger
Gender: Male
Occupation: By day, an estate agent, by night DAZZLE.

Appearance: White furred tiger of an average mobian build, wears glasses. Often wears smart-casual attire. However, at night, the only fur visible is that of his muzzle as he wears a full mask on his head, the mask, along with his costume is a silver color with hints of every colour of the rainbow. Oh, and dont't forget the glitter.


Personality traits

- Helping the innocent
- Solving problems
- Impressing people

- Crime
- Dark colours
- Bullies.

Personality: Mark is an out going flirt with anyone he can get to look at him. He talks the talk indeed, he shows of both as himself and as Dazzle. He is however, protective of those that are vulnerable and weak, he can flip personality like a switch.

Combat traits

Powers: Dazzle can release large flashes of lights, like looking directly into the sun. He can also move swiftly around opponents, swaying around in order to battle his opponents.

- Above Average Strength
- Fast, swaying motions to avoid and fight enemies.
- Large flashes of light

- Negativity
- Low Defenses
- Not very smart

Social information

Positive relations

Negative relations





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