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Post by Guest on Thu Jul 02, 2015 4:43 am

Name: Amber Dark
Nicknames: Dark or Darky. 
Age: 16
Birth date: New Year's Day
Species: Mobian/Wolf
Gender: Female
Occupation: A waitress at a small cafe

Amber has dark gray colored fur with a white tipped tail and ears. Her hair is short, black in the back and it fades to orange when it reaches her bangs which hang in-front of her eyes. She has moon-silver eyes which turn a dark red/maroon color when she is angry. Stands at about 3'6 to 3'7, having a athletic build consisting of legs built for running and a strong back for carrying heavy loads. Not having the broadest of shoulders, she doesn't have the best upper body strength but she can still manage.

( Will put later Razz )

Personality traits:
Sarcastic, stubborn, kind, caring, out-going, and carefree at times.
- Loves to climb treeessssss.
- Music. Simply music.
- Fall is by far her favorite season, followed by winter
- Light and dark colors, like orange and black, aqua blue and grey
Favorite Songs:
-Country Songs by Seether
-Still Here by Digital Daggers
-World So Cold by 21 Stones
- Hazmats or any other evil scientist -_- (Insane knows this)
- Being in a hospital. Makes her feel weak, physically and mentally
- Spring..... It's too rainy.
- Pink, dresses, makeup, you get the picture.

Amber has a motherly personality; kind, caring, and stern. She does have a fun and carefree attitude when she is relaxed and stress free but stays respectful most of the time. Usually when she is in a mood she makes sharp and sarcastic comments to those who question her. Being the loud mouth she is, saying what's on her mind isn't hard for her when she is talking to those who she isn't fond of.

Combat traits:
Can use a variety of weapons, whether it be guns, bows, or daggers but sticks to her hatchet that stays at her side constantly. (it was a gift of the past friend she had Razz ) Having worked in the military facility, she picked up a few combat tricks on stance, holding a gun while sprinting (crawling, stalking etc.), and various other things. Her battle stance is kind of like a defensive boxing pose, crouched slightly with arms up to protect her face. She avoids being cornered or cramped into small spaces, knowing that if that happened she is good as dead, so she moves quickly and carefully while studying her opponents way of fighting so that she can predict what they might do, but thats not always the best way to go so she sticks to moving frequently.

Powers: Having the power of Umbrakensis, she is able to control and use darkness and shadows to her will. She usually does not use this power though, relying and her wits and strengths to get her through whatever she needs. Sometimes her powers will react and lash out when she is threatened, or mess with Amber until she uses them or passes out.

Strengths: She is quick to think and light on her feet. She can teach herself to use a variety of weapons, but most time will use her own or anything that might be laying around. Able to carry heavy loads for a lengthy period of time, whether it be equipment  or people. Has better than average hearing and sight and her dark fur helps her when its night.

- Dark energy or hexes. It temporarily knocks her out or makes her powers go out-of-hand
- Stress
- Sunlight in a way. It doesn't drain her of energy of anything, but makes it rather hard to use her Umbrakensis.

Social information:
Very easy to get along with, unless you somehow manage to tick her off and get her mad at you, then watch out. She is very friendly and caring, so making friends with people doesn't really pose a challenge. Also Amber is adaptable, meaning she can pick up things like trends or language styles (though it doesn't matter to her anyways. Makes it easier to know what people are talking about. lol). When she is angry or depressed, she tends to shy away from people so she doesn't lash out at them or does something she'll regret.

Positive relations:
-Ryder the Hedgehog
-Travis Dirus
-Toothless Bladesinger
-Cruz the Echidna
(there may be others, but I can't remember them all.)

Negative relations
-Evil scientists....

Amber doesn't really remember much from her past, just fragments of it. She remembers things like her small home in a village of sorts, being taught by her neighbors when her 'dad' was away doing whatever he did and exploring unfamiliar places. No matter how hard she tries though, she can't remember much past the age of 6: it's blank. Of the stuff she does remember fully, was coming to the city where she lives now and staying with a friend of hers who unfortunately died when she was 11. Remembers going to school for a couple of years before dropping out and moving to the apartment she resides in now. She had her first full time job at 14 years of age at a military-training facility as a assistant nurse but soon quit, not liking the regulations and time schedule. Soon after, she was hired to be a cashier and waitress at the small cafe she works at now. 

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