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Flare the Dragon CagVHZi

Name: Flare
Nicknames: None as of yet
Age: 17
Species: Red Dragon
Gender: Male
Height: 3'3"
Weight: 77 lbs
IQ: 100
DOB: July 10th
Birth Place: Sunwoods
Residence: Sunwoods
Alignment: Hero
Basic Stats (added numbers cannot exceed 45)
Agility -  5
Speed -  6
Strength -  8
Defense -  6
Evasiveness - 6
Dexterity - 5
Intelligence - 4

Special Attacks: 
Burning Fist- Flare gathers energy in one of his fists to the point where it glows slightly orange. His next strike will be super-powered, but it will also drain a considerable amount of energy. Being hit with this attack might burn- but it is not powered by any sort of fire.

Abilities & Aptitude: 
Bursting Willpower- Flare was born with a very special power, being that dragons are usually a race of beings imbued with magical power, Flare can use his willpower and general spirit to power up his attacks. While this does not form a physical energy, it acts as a fuel for him to power up his attacks with. While this power is active and depending on his emotional state, it can buff his strength, speed and stamina all at once. When Flare is very excited and pumped up, this ability can give him quite the boost.

Hand-to-Hand Combat- While Flare isn't the most skilled combatant; he is able to fight with his fists generally well. At least, he is able to fight well enough to be able to hold his own in battle. He is still relatively young and does not know all of the ins and outs of combat. He has a rather powerful punch. He can also use his legs as well, but much prefers to punch things.
Dagger Proficiency- Taught to him by his brother, Flare is able to wield two daggers to help him in his battles. Though he was taught how to use these daggers, he is much better at using his fists and actually prefers to do so. Whenever he is in a tight spot though, he may be forced to use these daggers.
Flight- Being a winged dragon, Flare is able to take to the skies. He is able to fly relatively well, but he prefers to stay on the ground. His wings offer him a good mode of transportation, but he more often than not chooses not to use it.  

Hobbies & Talents: Hiking, Parkour


·         Being a Red Dragon, Flare does not like water and does not know how to swim. Water irritates his skin and makes him more vulnerable to attack.
·         Stubborn, hard-headed, impulsive
·         Very emotional, his emotions constantly affect his willpower ability

Personal facts

Volt the Hedgehog- An amazingly good friend of Flare's, they're practically birds of a feather. They hang out often and tend to share the same generalized world view. Though their similarities can also lead to some heated arguments they always come out of it even closer than they were before. They're practically brothers.

Rivals: --

Enemies: --
Known relatives: Unnamed Mother, Unnamed Father, Unnamed Brother

Likes/Favorite activities: Running/Racing, Sunny Afternoons, Sunsets, Getting fired up
Dislikes/Least favorite activities: Quitters, Weak willed people
Gourmet of choice: Anything sugary
Beverages of choice: Anything sugary
Favorite color(s): Crimson

Flare has always been a strong willed, spirited kid. He is usually very full of energy and can sometimes even be seen as annoying because of it- almost like he’s on a constant sugar rush. He has always had a sense of wanderlust and loves going on adventures due to his jumpy, energetic nature. Paired with his jumpiness, he is also very quick to anger and quite stubborn. Once he is set on something, it is very hard to change his mind. It is not likely he will change his mind until he suffers the consequences of his actions, in which case it would be too late.

Though he is quick to anger, he often tries not to make too many enemies and instead would rather make friends with them even if they set him off. Though he cannot avoid making enemies at all, Flare does care about the friends he does have. His personality often does not bend to their will, however. He will do whatever it takes to protect them in his own energetic kind of way.

Items & Weapons: 

Blazing Knuckle- Flare can summon two shining orange and red gauntlets around his hands called the Blazing Knuckles. They look like they would be hot to the touch, but the metal functions like any normal metal. The only difference is that they can withstand massive amounts of heat that other metals would melt from. Being hit with these gauntlets is the equivalent of being hit with a chunk of steel, and that still hurts.
Pyre Daggers- the Pyre Daggers are two daggers made of a strange orange and red metal much like his Blazing Knuckle gauntlets. Flare can also summon these to his hands whenever he wants. He summons them much less often than the Blazing Knuckle, but they are still an option for him. They can withstand massive amounts of heat, but other than that they function like regular blades.

Back Story: 

Flare was born just after his family moved into the Sunwoods, a forest with many hills and an abundance of beautiful life. The area always looked the best at sunset, hence the name. Flare was born into a family of three, including his mother, his father and his older brother who at the time was about 4 years old. The family also had a pet chao (lovingly named Spike) that Flare and his brother got along with very well. Flare grew up surrounded by a loving family, and it reflected on his personality. Though he was an energetic kid, he also radiated an air of care and kindness. His strong traits helped him attract many friends, but the bad ones drove most of them away. Upset that he couldn’t hold too many friends at one time, he often hung out with his brother who accepted his company with open arms even if his older friends didn’t like the idea of his little brother hanging out with them.
However, Flare’s older brother and his friends weren’t very good kids and Flare wouldn’t come to realize that way later. Flare’s brother taught him how to use knives and other small blades as they went out and did generally bad (but minor) things around their community. Flare had always sat in the background, mostly watching his brother and friends do their thing- so he was never really spotted by the townspeople. The influence of his brother, however, drove more kids away from Flare causing him to have even more trouble making friends. By this point, he was about maybe 13 or so. It wasn’t long until Flare’s parents caught his brother doing these bad things, and scolded him heavily for it. Before his brother could take the brunt of the punishment, however, he left- claiming in a note that he had only stuck around for Flare as he already knew how to fly relatively well. For a dragon, that meant that the child was mature and able to go off on their own.
Flare had not yet reached that age, so he had to stay home until that time came. After his brother left, however, Flare was hit with a bunch of confusing emotions. He felt terrible, upset but extremely angry. Instead of shutting himself in, however, he felt inclined to go out and do good deeds so that he could make up for the harm his brother caused. This inclination brought him a strange new power granted to him by his dragon genes. Dragons were always a magical race, and Flare’s family was no exception. His inclination turned into pure energy, his will and spirit to continue on powered him up considerably. He would later find that though this power, he could summon Blazing Knuckle and the Pyre Daggers to his side.

After a while of doing good deeds around the community, soon he hit the age that his wings were able to carry him even if for a short time. He spent a lot of time practicing with these wings until he could keep himself up for a long time. Feeling proud, he told his parents not long after that he would also be heading off on his own to do good things for people all around. He does visit the Sunwoods and his parents often, as he pretty much still lives there currently. 

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