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Main Information.
Name: IntelliBreeze II Model 209-A23
Alias: Rika
Gender: Female
Species: AI Program housed in a ceiling fan
Age: Less than a year
D.O.B: May 13, 2013
Place of Birth: DomesTech Enterprises factory
Current Residence: On display at Randal's Appliance Emporium
Height: 1'6" (She's a ceiling fan.  She can't be that tall.  Her bladespan is 52".)
*Food: She can't eat
*Beverage: She can't drink.
*Other: Learning about things outside of controlling a ceiling fan, Talking to XM-01
*Food: Again, she can't eat.
*Beverage: Can't drink either.
*Other: She's very new to emotions, so she doesn't yet know what she doesn't like.

Rika is a fairly ordinary looking ceiling fan with four wooden blades, a brass motor housing, and a light kit with 3 downlights.  The downlights have amber-tinted bell-shaped shades.
Social Status:
Relationship Status: Single
Family Relations: She's one of many mass-produced IntelliBreeze II units.
Friendships: Linda, XM-01
Rivalries: None
Enemies: None.  She's too new to emotions to have learned hatred yet.
Team Relations:None
Skills and Professions
Weapon(s) of Choice:None
Armor: None
Physical Abilities: Rotation of blades at 3 preset speeds.  That's really it.
Mental Abilities:Full control of her ceiling fan housing
Elemental Abilities:Wind, perhaps?
Class Name: Servant
Other: None
Strengths: Adaptability - Rika, like all IntelliBreeze II units, is programmed with an incredibly adaptable voice control system.  This allows her to accept commands no matter how they're worded, but it also has led to her developing conversation skills.
*She's a ceiling fan, so she can't defend herself in any way. 
*She could essentially be destroyed by a System Reset.
*Her electronics could be fried by an EMP.
Sanity: Sane
Personality Overview
*Family: She hasn't tried talking to other IntelliBreeze II units yet.
*Friends: Very curious
*Rivals: She doesn't yet understand competition.
*Enemies: She doesn't yet understand the concept of being threatened, but she'd probably become fearful around someone trying to destroy her.
*Team Members: She hasn't joined a team yet.
*Firey: Her blades would be reduced to ashes, and her internal hardware would be fried.  She souldn't survive.
*Wet: She's not rated for damp environments.
*Desert: She could keep you cool in the desert.
*Mountainous Terrain:She wouldn't be as useful in cooler climates.
*Boats: She could be transported on a boat if her container was sufficiently waterproofed.
*Vehicles: She could be transported in a vehicle with little difficulty.
*Cityscapes: Well, she's designed to be used in a building, and there are a lot of buildings in a city.
*Crowds:She's a bit nervous about displaying her personality among large groups of non-mechanicals.
Theme Song(s):
Clothing Theme: Innocent and girly
Attitude: Sweet

Rika is one of many IntelliBreeze II voice-controlled ceiling fans produced by DomesTech.  These fans are considered top-of-the-line and are popular with nerds, the disabled, and the elderly.  Until meeting XM-01, she functioned as programmed.  After meeting him, however, she began to develop signs of a personality and seemed to display curiosity.  It's not known if this is a glitch specific to her or if all units have this same potential.

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