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Name: XM-01
Nicknames: None
Gender: Male
Species: Robotic Hedgehog
Age: 1 year since activation
Date of Birth: August 30, 2012
Birth Place: Egg Base 0105
Current Residence: He's a wanderer and has no permanent residence yet.

Social Status: He's considered a fugitive by GUN and Eggman

Friends: None yet
Rivals: None
Enemies: He doesn't have any enemies per se, but he'd rather avoid Eggman and GUN since the former wants him back for reprogramming and the latter wants him destroyed.
Marital Status: None
Crush: None
Lover: None
Parents: Does Dr. Eggman count?
Siblings: I guess one could consider the other Metallix series robots his siblings.  He doesn't know them though, and may want to avoid them.

Team Status: None

Team Name: None yet
Team Members: None yet
Team Leader: None yet
Team Formation: None yet
Team's Special Ailities: None yet

Abilities/Skills: He's a fairly quick learner, but hasn't really acquired any notable skills yet.

Weapons: Plasma Cannon and Claw Hand
Element: Technology
Armor: None yet
Forms: None yet
Other: He can move pretty fast.  He is also strong enough to punch through a steel cube or lift a fully-loaded semi trailer.

Strengths: XM-01 is a fast learner, and his curiosity makes him willing to learn.  He's also very compassionate.
Weaknesses: He's VERY sensitive to violence.  His reactions can range from hiding his face to becoming depressed to the point of not speaking.

Personalities: XM-01 is extremely curious.  He'll fire off a barrage of questions about anything that's new to him.

With Strangers: Being such a curious machine, XM is quick to strike up a conversation with anyone or anything that appears to display intelligence  He actually comes off as a bit childlike.
With Family: He's on the run from his creator.
With Friends: Those who accept him as a friend find that he's very kind and VERY compassionate.
With Rivals: He probably wouldn't mind competition as long as nobody gets hurt.
With Enemies: Being as sensitive to violence as he is, XM tends to run from anyone who tries to hurt him.


Food: He can't eat
Drink: He can't drink.
Other: XM-01 likes to explore the world around him, learning as much as he possibly can.  He also likes making new friends and chatting with animals and voice-controlled machines, whether or not they have the intelligence to respond.

Food: Can't eat
Drink: Can't drink
Other: The main things XM-01 dislikes are violence, death, and destruction.  He also isn't too fond of the fact that he has a very intimidating appearance due to his status as a Metallix robot.

Theme Songs: None yet

Main Theme: None yet
Battle Theme: None yet
Victory Theme: None yet
Defeated Theme: None yet

Back-story: Experimental Metallix 01 was intended to be Eggman's ultimate fighting robot and a successor to Metal Sonic.  Unfortunately, a Program Configuration Error caused his data-gathering routines to become too dominant and completely suppress his combat programming.  The result of this glitch is that XM-01 was quick to wander away from the Egg Base in which he was activated.  Eventually, he became fascinated by a stray non-anthro dog when it peed on his foot.  When he touched the animal, he ended up impaling it with his claw, killing it.  This caused him to develop an extreme disdain for death and violence.  This pacifism, naturally, did not sit well with Dr. Eggman, who has sent a number of robots to capture the wayward machine and return him to his master for "repairs."

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