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Post by Guest on Tue Aug 20, 2013 4:19 pm

Name:Jason Bark-wing
Age:66,though appears to be only 16
born:November 14,1966
species:A Fox/Moth Hybrid
appearance:A White Fox,with deep maroon eyes with no detail,and slim, perky antenna.he wears a simple grey hoodie with a set of moth wings printed on the shoulder blades, and a pair of jeans.he has the ability to cause the wings to become real,spreading them to a wingspan of 8 feet. He keeps his left wrist covered, a deep scar there
Current residence:Emerald forest
Abilities: He can create a pair of wings from his shoulder blades(mentioned above), burst into a cloud of moths,each pitch black,with maroon eyes, become a large, black fox-like figure formed of a cluster of moths with enhanced strength, speed,and feral instincts. His greatest weakness is slightly gruesome. He cant die,but by one way. he must be injured by the bone of a fox to be killed.only the bones of a fox can kill him.
He earned the scar by a blade made from fox bone,but to this day he doesnt know how he got it,nor his weakness to the bones of a fox.He can still be wounded by normal circumstances, but if given the time will encase himself in a cocoon, cause a great increase in his healing factor. The max it can take is 3 days to be fully healed, depending on the injuries. He can hypnotize people into easy prey to feed,but those with supernatural powers aren't so easily susceptible to this ability
Back-story/history: In 1966,something happened. the forest was being hurt...poisoned by pollution,and an old fox wasn't happy. He warned the city folk, continuously warding off visitors, before the people had enough. a group of people,came,attacking him. they tied him up, beating him,using whatever they could find. Before they could end it,the fox muttered a string of what seemed to be babble, but in truth was a curse,as they brought their weapons down on him,the fox reared his head back, mouth open, a swarm of black moths spewing forth. The group vanished, along with the fox. as the years went by,Citizens reported seeing a large black creature roaming the forest,feeding on whatever it could catch,its glowing red eyes leaving a permanent reminder burned into their minds. But it vanished,seeming non-existant now. but stories still floated around,and as nothing seemed to improve in the half a century it was gone, and something brought it back...to protect the forest,and to get revenge on the city...


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