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Post by The Red Blur on Thu Oct 10, 2019 9:56 pm

-Part 1: Calm Before the Storm-

Birds sang softly outside the window as dawn broke, the sun barely peeking over the horizon, the air crisp, and chill. A hedgehog sat out in this cold morning air, on a balcony, still dressed in his pyjamas. He enjoyed the cold, and didn’t mind the slightly below-mild temperature. Steam rose from a mug in his hand, of which he brought to his lips, taking a small sip.

Finally, the quiet was broken by an adorable chirp, followed up with a “chao!” A small, dark crimson creature, almost shaped like a few water drops squished together, with a halo, that seemed to burn endlessly above them, flew out from inside, before landing on the table and giggling. 
“What? I didn’t want to sleep in today, Cinder,” Caen spoke softly, before taking another sip. He breathed in through his nose, before letting out a long sigh through his mouth.

It was odd, this sense of peace. He hadn’t know it in months, what with meeting Ember, and the almost constant search for Alastor, and father’s tape… He held up a hand, summoning a small flame, watching the orange and red embers dance among them. “I wonder if we’ll ever find him. If we’ll ever save father…” The flame extinguished at once, as he closed his eyes. Cinder cocked their tiny little head, replying “chao chao…” 

Deciding to put that thought to rest for now, Caen stood up from his seat, mug still in hand as he walked slowly back inside, ushering for his chao companion to accompany him, before sliding the glass door shut. The television was already on, turned down quite low as a smartly dressed news anchor rattled through the headlines, each one pedestrian and somewhat boring. It must have been a slow news day. Not that that was a bad thing, a slow, peaceful day was a necessity, by now. One cannot go full blast forever and expect it to not take its toll.

He kicked off his slippers, leaving them by the door as he began to walk across the living room. Cinder flew to the fruit bowl, taking an apple, before plonking himself down on the sofa, munching on the fruit as he stared at the TV. Caen, however, now wanted to get on with his day. He finished the mug of tea, placing the used crockery in the dishwasher, before heading to the bathroom. After a quick shower, he dried himself off and began to brush his long, red quills, that faded from a bright red to almost burgundy at the tips. His spines were a bit of an anomaly in his family, considering his father’s jet black spines, and his mother’s coffee-brown fur. His powers, too. He had seen what his father could do, all those years ago. What he could do now, with Xavier’s power surging through him. It was so unlike what he himself could do, the way he could so easily and simply command the flames burning within him. Granted, that came from eight years of practice. He couldn’t help but wonder if he’d be even more powerful, would be capable of accessing so much more, had father been around to teach him. He sighed wistfully, twiddling a spine between his fingers. 


A telephone broke the silence, causing Caen to rush out of the bathroom and straight to the source of the sound, picking up the receiver and speaking clearly “hello?”
“Caen, it’s Raito. You need to come to my house, now!” A familiar voice spoke. Raito, his friend that he had met on that fateful day eight years ago. When his father and mother’s lives had supposedly been brought to a fiery end.
“Wha- why? What’s going on, Rai?” He asked, frowning.
“It’s Alastor. We’ve got his location, he’s in a castle North of station square. It looks like it was built recently. Scouts say the place is swarming with ARCs and even more drones.”
Autonomous Robotic Commanders. The ARCs. Robotic units that encased innocent bystanders in a mechanical suit of armour, causing them to do unspeakable things against their will, while being conscious the whole time. Sadistic, and perfectly befitting of scum such as Alastor.
“A-alright. Let me get my things, I-I’ll be there as soon as possible!” He said, slamming down the receiver and rushing to his bedroom, where he would immediately get dressed, into a long royal blue coat, that was made of a strong, fire-resistant material, with buttons that shimmered like gold, as well as some sturdy crimson boots, that carried Caen on countless adventures before. 
He summoned a fiery arm, that shot across the room and hooked onto two blades, still in scabbards, with a golden edge that gleamed like a red hot flame. Strapping them to his sides, he looked in the mirror, nodding and saying “father. I’m coming.”

Horizon’s End FKEGbnV

Are we the future of this burning Hell?

Fantastic art of Caen done by the damn fine Electrisa!
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