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The broken city Empty The broken city

Post by Wolf478 on Sun Jul 14, 2019 1:48 pm

New RP

3 years ago the city of Glasby bore witness to the destruction of its sister city Fenris. A thunderous blast echoed through the rainforest and the earth shook, bright lights erupted into the sky and illuminated the surrounding vegetation for miles.

Thousands were displaced, hundreds of homeless, hundreds of sick, wounded, and hundreds dead.

GUN claimed to have only made it to the scene after the incident, but they were there before it even happened. They covered it up as a failed underground nuclear reactor test. But that was a lie. 

The city was destroyed, not by any man-made machine, no, but a creature. A creature born of this earth but reforged in the crucible of darkness. 

The city was destroyed, the buildings reduced to rubble and the infrastructure left to rot and rust, exposed to the world. True it was patrolled by a light force of GUN operatives, nothing significant. 

But within the rubble of the city remains a machine, a machine capable of bringing back what was once laid to rest.


Present day

A survivor of the cities destruction releases an eyewitness account of what truly happened. The creature, GUN, everything. They post it on social media and it makes its rounds through conspiracy theorist groups, but the government wave it off as nothing more than a conspiracy theory, just like the rest of those groups accusations.

Most theorists aren't determined enough to make it past the GUN operatives guarding the city site.

But this article has reached a lot more than simply theorists, a lot more than simply conspirators. It has reached you.


The article mentions Fenris, the 'Tin City', sister to Glasby. 20 miles north of its sister, the survivor recalls that they saw GUN close in on the city, surrounding it and remaining in place to this day.

What they suggest is unclear, but they make mention of several people and objects removed and taken into custody from the incident. They theorise that whatever those individuals where involved in, there must still be something in the city for GUN to continue guarding it

They fear that it could mean the potential for another incident...


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