The Fanfiction made in my sleep

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The Fanfiction made in my sleep Empty The Fanfiction made in my sleep

Post by JosephLeshane on Thu May 02, 2019 5:09 pm

So yea...I actually did it, and basically what happened was I was dreaming, but it felt more realistic than other dreams. I was trying to shut down a college experiment that was going horribly wrong, which, surprise surprise, had a hedgehog and blue chaos emerald involved, I opened a glass containment door and was bombarded with this combination of blue chaos energy, electricity, and hedgehog DNA. I finally hit a shutdown button and the machine shut off. I saw darkness for a moment before I woke up in bed with blue hair, hedgehog ears in place of human ears, and a hedgehog tail, after finding out I could go faster than the speed of light, about the speed of light times the speed of light is how fast I could go, I went to the only person I trusted in college at that point, Amy Rose, I told her my situation and she told no one. After we tested the limits of my new powers, which came with electricity powers for some reason, I was hunted by the "Ivo" Foundation, then the dream ended. So yea, that's how I made a fresh new take on Sonic in my sleep.
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