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Name: Joseph Michael Leshane
Nicknames: Fluffy
Species: Half-Human/Half-Hedgehog
Gender: Male
Occupation: UFC fighter

He has cute little hedgehog ears on his head that are black, as well as black fur from his shoulders to his wrists. His wrist fur is fluffier than his arm fur and is white, He has a human appearance, but is tall at a good 6'4" and weighs 250lbs. He looks to be slightly buffer than Connor McGregor, and has pure black hair. Some has said he has a cute face, especially with his hair being curly and fluffy. He wears a white long sleeved shirt to cover his fur, although sometimes he can be seen with a tight blue jacket with no shirt underneath, and blue sweatpants. His hair is also long, which reaches slightly below his shoulders. He has very straight teeth, with fangs on the upper and lower rows of his teeth for some reason, a perfectly sized nose, amber eyes, and a voice that could scare or sooth anyone. He has tan skin, resembling that of a native American. 


Joseph Leshane Leshan10

- Pizza
- Meat
- Hunting
- Serving Justice
- Helping Others
- Music

- Bullying
- Crime
- People who annoy him for fun

Joseph is a socially awkward but caring person. He is always honest and is responsible as well. He respects others and himself, and is very faithful. Although people make fun of him for it, he is a rather religious person, putting god into every action or word he says. Joseph is very emotional and sensitive and has a huge sense of justice, he may be gullible, but he's only that way because of his pure heart, trying to do what is best for his world and even the universe. Joseph is a fast learner but is only so when he gets a hands on experience and writes things down. He is also easily distracted and he cannot be still. Although he can be angry and even rude at times, he only wants what is best.

Although he is not the fastest thing alive, he is very fast and is considered one of the best acrobats in the universe. Due to him being an UFC fighter, he is very good at fighting.  He has enhanced strength and heightened senses. He is also capable of the homing attack and can even spin dash. He may be naive but by far his greatest power is his extreme intelligence, having 1.65x the IQ of Dr. Robotnik.

-Well Balanced
-Bones are hard to break

-Not good with communication
-Not good at taking orders
-Is afraid of being alone
-Not good at dodging
-Is a risk taker
-Gets sad at the mention of his family

Positive Relations:
-William: A good person who may be made fun of for being black, but gives Joseph support when he needs it.
-Dylan: By far his best friend, he is always willing to take a shot for Joseph

Negative Relations:
-Slade: A member of the CIA who wants nothing more than for anyone less than human to be hunted, tested, than tortured. He hates Joseph with a fiery passion because time and time again, he has thwarted his efforts to make humanity the supreme species of the universe.
-The Destroyer: An immortal dark knight who seeks to rule the universe and make Joseph his number one slave, he has a wife named Jen who helps him fight Joseph. Joseph only met this knight once and nearly died.
-Titan: A large monster who eats smaller creatures and wants the universe destroyed.
-The secret empire: A society of people who seek to become the strongest army in the universe. Joseph cannot fight them alone. Their leader is Professor James Wilson.

When Joseph was born, he has fur on his arms, long hair, and hedgehog ears instead of human ones. He was moved to earth, which his mother, who remains unknown, deemed the planet safer than mobius, as mobius was at war. From then on, Joseph was mocked and considered a freak of nature for his non-human traits, this made Joseph feel a sense of caring and justice. At the age of five, his family started to disappear mysteriously, making it so his family constantly had to move, leaving Joseph no time to make friends. At the age of just 10, Joseph's family was attacked by an army of robots, leaving Joseph alone, he ran into the woods, where he found a family of wolves  for the next six years he learned to act and live like a wolf, senses and behaviors, when he turned seventeen however, a group of mobian freedom fighters found him and he was given a place in a special squad of freedom fighters called Team Freedom. He remains there to this day.
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