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Arceus Labs Tournament League Empty Arceus Labs Tournament League

Post by ThePromiseIncarnate on Thu Aug 02, 2018 4:58 pm


Are you a fighter? Do you want to show your skills? Maybe have fun in a competitive scene? Well, sign-up here and you will be pitted up against other people in a all-out multi-round tournament. As long as no one dies and you’re alone, meaning no teammates - these are one on one battles, pretty much everything is fair game! We’ve got the methods to heal you if anything goes too badly.
The tournament will be based on a tree system, lose once and you’re out, and if there are an odd number of participants some may have to sit out until a later round. With that out of the way-

1. No teammates, as said before, every fight will be a 1v1 battle to decide who will go to the next round
2. No killing - pretty sure this is obvious
3. Fighters will battle until either the timer hits zero(Fights will have a 2 week time limit), if neither have been KO’d or forced to submission yet, our judges will decide the winner instead by scoring Entertainment(How entertaining was your post to read?), Creativity(Stuff like use of the environment, or interesting use of powers/weapons, ect.), Balance(Basically, follow the basic rules of RP such as no auto hitting or dodging every attack and you should be good here), and Clarity(we will give you a pass if English isn’t your first language, but it’s important that we and your opponent understands what you’re trying to do) on a scale from 1 to 10 and add it up to the final score to decide the winners

1st place winner: Dragon Shroud(Clawed Gauntlet made of Dragon Scales, if the user bleeds on it they will temporarily take on the form of a bestial dragon), 100,000 rings
2nd place winner: 50,000 rings

Combatant Sign-ups:
1. Sonya Winchester(ThePromiseIncarnate)
2. Wolfgang Fremont(C.S.O.)
3. Rainbow(RainbowTH)
4. Blustille(Adablur)
5. Ezequiel Santiago Santiago(Zeek) 
6. Shalina the Lioness(ninathelioness)

(We don’t expect to actually get a lot of competitors, but hey, 12 max as to make this easy on everyone)

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Arceus Labs Tournament League Empty Re: Arceus Labs Tournament League

Post by Ninathelioness on Fri Aug 03, 2018 10:36 pm

Hello, yes, I would like to sign up please XP Seems like it'd be pretty fun XP but once tomorrow ends, I won't be available for the next five days or so, just a heads up

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