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-Basic Overview-
 A pangolin at average height, bearing a thick frame, yet clearly masculine in design, and a tail as long as he is tall, thick, and heavy. A body layered with thick, silver scales, covering his back, head, arms, legs, and tail, while leaving his face, hands, feet, underside of his tail, and chest clear.
 Golden eyes, angled for a harsh glare. A short muzzle, bearing a soft point, and thin nostrils.
 His hide, what’s visible, is a solid tan. His hands and feet are free, his scales acting like sleeves to his limbs, points aimed outward, framing his wrist, ankles, and hands. 
His tail is as long as he is tall, the tip curled in a thick, club like fashion. A few inches from the tip the scales part, leaving the underside uncovered.
 The scales that cover his body are relatively smooth, given a few divets and slots were the scales overlap. The scales on his head, however, are pose able. often standing and aimed back, they can lay down for a more uniform styling. At the center of each scale is a small, risen point.
 Commonly, clothing is a simple white muscle shirt, and a grey jacket, its sleeves rolled up to the biceps. His pants are a plain pair of black lounge pants, and he wears a pair of bland black and white tennis shoes.

Eric Worth






-Body Type-
Thick set, muscular
-Fur Tone (color)-
-Eye Color-
-Scale Color-
Unlike most, his scales like to stand up on his head, giving a “spiky” look to him

-Personality (general qualities)-





-Date of Birth-
March 21st, 1997

-Current Residence-


N/A, unknown



-Prior Relationships-
N/A, unknown

Hand to hand combat, adaptable, durable, hard hitting

Eric produces a volatile, explosive material natural, which he stores beneath his scales. This material, once triggered, releases blasts of explosive energy, which he can expel from his scales, or even mix the blasts into close combat.
 The seams of his scales begin to glow when he reaches capacity, meaning he must exhaust his current supply before making more

-Armor/ Clothing-
Muscle shirt (white), jacket(grey), lounge pants(black), tennis shoes(black/white)



-Personal Items-
A single, tan ring he wears on his left hand.

To be added

All Men Are Monsters.
All Of Us Kill. We Hurt, We Fight, And We Hate.
This Is What Makes Us Monsters
Its The Choices We Make, The Joy We Take, And The Ideals We Stand By, That Makes A Monster, Into Man.
Sometimes, It Takes A Monster To Show Us That
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