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     -Interested about demi-demons? Check out their DA Group!
     -Also check out the creator of this amazing species!

Cheyzy Scythe Tumblr_inline_ozs4l3phfK1ti3235_500 

Art by Blue-Mafia on DA


“ I’ve never been that important. I’ve never cared enough to try. But…That doesn’t mean I should be forgotten so easily.”

General Information

Full Name: Cheyenne Scythe
Also Known As: Cheyzy (Shy-Zee), Chey (Shy), Fluff, *Insert Short Joke here*, Shay if you want to make him mad
Date of Birth: June 15th

Age: 18
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Demisexual
Marital Status: Single Pringle
Mate: His refrigerator
Alignment: Lawful Good
Threat Level: Moderate - Critical
IQ: 132
Birthplace: Central City
Current Residence: Unknown
Occupation(s): Unknown
Personal Quote: “I exercise. Parkouring up the fridge for the cookie jar counts-”
Voice Actor: Well,Me Nathan Sharp (NateWantsToBattle)
Theme Song: 

Cheyzy Scythe Tumblr_inline_ozs4npDtzq1ti3235_500

Art by me (It was pretty rushed)
Personal Information

Attitude: When around others he doesn’t know or know too well, he’s extremely shy and aloof, preferring to stick further away from crowds. When comfortable or excited, he can easily get loud and obnoxious, often trying to say too much at once for fear of driving others away. He’s quick to respond with a witty comeback or pun, and is eager to help, although it can be abused at times. 
Favorite Foods: Tuna, Mint, Twizzlers, Rare Steaks 
Likes: Being creative, soft or smooth textures, sleeping, hanging out, animals (Especially snakes)
Dislikes: Being touched by people outside of his select circle, Spicy or bitter tastes, rough textures
Fears: Crowds, the dark, death, being forgotten/ abandoned
Aspirations: Finding a purpose in life, although he dreams of becoming an art teacher.
Family: Unknown

Summarized Biography

Cheyzy was born in raised in a typical household, although his life wasn’t the most joyous or the most painful. His older brothers left home early in his life, as did his father. But he didn’t let that get him down. His mother found love in his step-dad, and things started to look up. At least, until she fell ill. The doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her, and Cheyzy was devastated. When Arial (Belongs to Zketcherz) offered him a contract, Cheyzy signed without hesitation. Unfortunately, his changes made it difficult for him to stay with his parents. So he moved out, and now lives by himself.

Physical Information

Species: Pomeranian (Panther/Husky Hybrid)
Subspecies: Demi-Demon 
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 2'5" (74 cm)
Weight: 53 lbs (24 kg)
Eye Color: Varying shades of orange, depending on mood, bright blue when enraged
Fur Color: Pale blonde with white accents and pastel blue bangs
Clothing Style: Baggy and comfy, he’ll sometimes wear something a little more scandalous if he’s going to a friends house or he feels comfortable enough elsewhere
Jewelry: Industrial piercing in right ear, chain in left ear
Scars/Markings: He has a beauty mark just above the left side of his lip and just above the right side of his pelvic line. He also has small scars across his forearms and on his left side, but are normally not seen unless inspected closely.

Physical Strengths/Weaknesses:

Blurry Vision - Somehow, Cheyzy’s eyes are pretty bad, and he can’t leave the house without glasses or contacts. He loves wearing his glasses, but for sake of danger, he leaves his contacts in all the time. Even with aid, he can’t read certain things, like menus in fast food places or signs on the road until he gets close enough to make out the words.
Glass Cannon - He has high attack and speed, but extremely low defense. One good strike is all it takes to bring him down when he’s without Catalyst.

Mental Strengths/Weaknesses:

Asperger’s Syndrome - Cheyzy was diagnosed with Asperger’s at a young age, and often it has given him a leg up, or a serious disadvantage in scenarios. He gets distracted by the littlest things, sometimes obsessed. He has a hard time expressing what he wants to say, and processing body language from others. It’s made him disconnect from society, often awkward in any sort of social situation. On the upside, he’s very intelligent, though he doesn’t show it often.

AS (Cont.) - (Just to break it up a bit, I’m adding another chunk here.) Cheyzy is extremely sensitive, especially when it comes to his senses. Things like touch and sound can set him off into a panic attack, so he’s often covered up and carrying some sort of headphones around to help. He’s also very picky with his food and how he eats, and has trouble understanding emotions through speech. (He often feels like a huge bother or that people hate him.)
Trauma - Nothing super specific, but throughout his life, smaller events has left him not quite in one piece. It’s caused him to try not to get close to people, but he gets extremely clingy to anyone he likes. He also tries to avoid relationships as a whole, despite desperately wanting one to go well. He just keeps his head down, and tries to fly by.

Skills and Talents:

Self Defense - Cheyzy went through three years of martial arts, and still has a somewhat understanding of what he learned, from kicks and punches to take-downs and tactics.
Cat Reflexes - When attentive, Cheyzy’s reflexes can be lightening fast, able to dodge punches and kicks from skilled fighters even before he signed the contract.
Doggo Senses - Cheyzy’s hearing can identify higher pitches than humans and some mobians. His sense of smell is the same way, able to follow scents for miles as long as their is a clear trail for him to follow. He gets confused easily, so he doesn’t do it often and just leaves it to the professionals. 
Claws - Cheyzy actually has retractable claws like a feral cat! He mostly uses them for climbing and opening his packages because he’s too lazy to get a knife.

Powers and Abilities:

Demon’s Flame : The ability to produce and control fire on command. Typically used for augmenting attacks or small tasks.

Demon Blood : Cheyzy has enhanced speed and power. However, he can still be injured and whatnot. He does heal faster, but only enough to heal scrapes and cuts within a few minutes, and bone breaks in days.
Sinner’s Tribute : When Cheyzy commits a sin, such as murder, his demon gets stronger. It also keeps them satisfied.
Immortality : Cheyzy is immortal with the help of Ari, who is actually his soul in the form of a fire spirit. As along as Ari is lit, Cheyzy will not die. Ari can even shapeshift into other forms, such as a full sized mobian or even a dragon! But Ari is still very fragile, and Cheyzy can be injured by normal means.


Catalyst - Catalyst is the demon residing within Cheyzy. When around evil or provoked, Catalyst takes over Cheyzy’s body, changing him to a more suited form. Catalyst is much sturdier than his mortal counterpart, and also has boosted speed and power. However, this form drains his host, depending on how long he’s in control. Often, Cheyzy has to sleep and/or rest after being released to get the lost energy back. He can speed up the process through artificial means, such as downing energy drinks or taking energy shots.
Rage - When pushed to the point of rage, Cheyzy can draw out the highest point of power within Catalyst, creating his Rage mode. It’s similar to a super, but Catalyst can only keep up the form for a short while, with or without rings. Cheyzy himself doesn’t need to rest afterward, but Catalyst and Ari do. 

Cheyzy Scythe Tumblr_inline_p01wpa2FjL1ti3235_500

Overall Stats:
(Stat ranges from 0-10, 10 being the highest. Stat total does not have to meet, but should not exceed the range dictated by character threat level. Only Critical and Cataclysmic characters may have a maxed stat, the former only allowed to have 1 maxed stat, while the latter may have up to 3.
• (Minor characters’ stat total ranges from 10-20)
• (Mild characters’ stat total ranges from 21-30)
• (Moderate characters’ stat total ranges from 31-37)
• (High characters’ stat totals ranges from 38-44)
• (Critical characters’ stat totals ranges from 45-55)
• (Cataclysmic characters’ stat totals ranges from 56-65)

Strength: 6 / 8 / 10
(Your character’s physical power: 0= Cannot lift own body weight / 10= able to 10x own weight or more.)
Defense: 3 / 8 / 10
(Your character’s ability to endure damage: 0= Is mildly injured by playful punching / 10= Immediate regeneration upon taking damage)
Speed: 6 / 8 / 8
(Your character’s running speed: 0= Crippled movement / 10= Speed of sound or beyond)
Dexterity: 7 / 8 / 10
(Your character’s and sensory reflexes : 0= Gravely impaired coordination / 10= Nearly impossible to strike the user.)
Willpower: 5 / 8 / 8
(Your characters mental fortitude and resilience: 0= Gullible / 10= Virtually immune to all forms of temptation)
Special: 5 / 5 / 8
Your character’s elemental and or magical capability: 0= No elemental and magical ability / 10= Virtually commands of all forms of energy)

Total: 32 (Moderate) /  45 (Critical) / 55 (Critical)

Weapon Skills:

        The only weapons Cheyzy ever always carries is his cat knuckles (See below). If prepared, he often brings dual batons (See below). He has a natural talent when it comes for shooting guns, but he finds the weapons a little too powerful for his taste, and prefers subduing his opponents over ‘a bullet to the head’. He more relies on using what’s around him, often using his creativity to his advantage.

 Cheyzy Scythe Tumblr_inline_p01z9pQYR21ti3235_500
Cheyzy Scythe Tumblr_inline_p01z9xgrBG1ti3235_500
(Both from googled pics XD His weapons aren’t super customized or anything either)

Fighter’s Rank:

(Your character’s competence, efficiency, and resourcefulness in battle. This letter may be either S, A, B, C, D or E, with S being the most proficient while E is the least capable.)



- Cheyzy carries many characteristics of his hybrid halves, such as the claws and purring of a cat, and the attention span and love for pets as dogs. He has a list of the traits he’s recognized stashed in his bedroom for sake of curiosity on which half rules over him more.

- Cheyzy owns a ball python named Ratchet (but he calls him Noodle). He likes to have him out of his cage and chilling out with him while he draws.
- He has a huge DVD/CD/VHS collection. It keeps him busy when he’s not drawing since he doesn’t pay for cable.

Cheyzy Scythe Profile_picture_by_angered_fluff-dbyg9rv

Art by Korodevv on DA

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