Embers Aflame

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Re: Embers Aflame

Post by Shrike Marine on Sun Aug 06, 2017 1:59 pm

-Seems like time was not on there side. Events were unfolding the same events that what ultimately lead to the creation of the reality she came from. Shrike had a fairly good understanding of the whole space time deal. He had already traveled to a single other reality twice. He knew the do's and do not's to keep the realities in check, some times even the smallest changes could alter a lot.

Looks like it was time once more to save the world..or the reality this time rather. Of course listening in he had no idea who Raito was but judging by her expression they seemed important enough to warrant attention.

A lot of info was flying at Shrike quickly, he was trying to make heads or tails of it, something about her then Wilhelm's prototypes, Shrike needed answers. He needed to know what they were about to walk into.

"Hold on! Slow down for just a second...who is this Raito, who is this Wilhelm and what are these prototypes, we need to know every thing you do before we go all full force out. 

However if it is urgent as you make it out and Caen wants to go it's best we move ASAP tell us on the way, Caen you lead we follow usual routine...let's go save a reality."

-He said as he raised his rifle into both of his hands waiting to depart with them.-
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Re: Embers Aflame

Post by Dogy9978 on Wed Aug 09, 2017 3:01 pm

Capsule smiled hearing that ember knew what she was getting herself into. Smile didn't last long after finding out something bad was going to happen. Capsule was curious so she decided to follow ember and Caen. Lillith kind of glared at Caen. "She's not my friend!" She murmured going with Caen.

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