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Post by Dione on Tue Apr 09, 2019 7:55 pm

What the poop, why did I never reply to this?? I'm so sorry D: 


Dione: Math is so good because it all makes sense. Everything is set up by rules, it's all straight forward and you can research so much using mathematics. I used to hate it, but as I learned more about it, I started to see the beauty in its structurality (that's a word, right?) and at its core simplicity, so I decided to study it! 

Cayenne: Ohhh thank you~! The reason I got into the more alternative genres of music is exactly that: the raw power and emotion that can be expressed through it. I find it one of the most genuine genres you could find, and the creativity that goes into writing complicated riffs and meaningful lyrics just give me more fulfilment than pop would for example!

Felicia: Uhm.. that's kind of a hard question to be honest. Sure, he and I have been through a lot together, but to say I was sad? I don't know. It was sad to hear, but I think I had moved on from him enough for me not to be sad about it anymore. 

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