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Post by Awakened Vega on Tue Apr 03, 2018 2:34 am

Hopping on this bandwagon way too let but ssh.

Lets met our contestants!

Vega Desol the Hedgehog

Vega is a 'heroic' boi. He wants to do good things and use his now mastered-powers to help others. Hes always got a ton of baggage and depressing thoughts that drag him down cccc:

Phaze the Clone-Hog

Phaze is a screwed up clone of Vega, crafted through the sheer extract of his light power. She is nihilistic, spiteful, manipulative, and quite frankly, is just an awful person. Oh yes, and shes a ticking time bomb that could blow up any second.

Axel Heart the Porcupine

Axel, professional wrestler, millionaire, and total douchebag. Made his way down the easy lane of life with the parent's money. Becoming a professional wrestler, to show off. To become a household name, and to show off his body to people.

Shona Deville the Wolf

Shona is a blissful lil sweetheart that has no idea of the monster living within her. She lives by her punk-rock aesthetic, even becoming a singer, although not part of a band right now. Oh, she also has a demon within her that'll take over her body with provoked by a burst of negative emotion.

Kuwa Raiger the Stag Beetle

Kuwa is a big bad beetle boi, with a big bad world domination plan. Hes spent over 10 years living in exile, crafting his plan, his armour, his weaponry, and letting his already deluded mind become more and more polluted with evil.

What Have I Become, Now That I've Betrayed
Everyone I've Ever Loved, I Pushed Them All Away
And I Have been a Slave To The JUDAS In My Mind
Is There Something Left For Me To Save, In The Wreckage Of My Life
I'm Becom-, I'm Becom-, I'm Becoming
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Ask the Awakened Crew! Empty Re: Ask the Awakened Crew!

Post by Dregan on Mon Jun 18, 2018 12:56 am

Yo, no questions here yet? CRIMINAL. Let's solve this!

@Vega: Okay, okay. So I hear that, and bear with me here, I'm quotin', you life "was saved by the soul of a deceased light warrior". Were you aware of this? What does this mean? How did the soul of a deceased individual save you - and why you specifically rather than any other dying kid?

@Phaze: So... why 'Phaze'? You pick that name for yourself? Or is that the name you were given by the scientist that created you? If you did pick it yourself... well, what about that name resonated with you?

@Kuwa: Okay, so you've been in exile right, for like, 10 years? How do you know the world hasn't changed in that time? What's your plan if you emerge and suddenly the whole place is just a lot more pleasant? Do you have any way or plan of finding out first or you jsut gonna... y'know, get down to business?

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