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Post by Guest on Sun Feb 07, 2016 11:53 pm

Name: Emily
Nickname: Em (Called by most of her friends)
Age: 14
Species: Fox/Skunk hybrid; Skox, Funk, Sox, whatever.
Gender: Female
Occupation: Lead guitarist in a punk rock band

Appearance: Black sleeveless shirt that is cut halfway to show the bottom half of her torso, long black pants that firmly fit her waist and legs, black arm sleeves that do not attach to her shirt with a square cut out on the back hand section of each, black boots with grey bottoms, orange fur with red on the tips of her cheek fur, hair, and tail, she also has a oval design on the top of her head and on her tail that is also red, sky blue eyes that make her seem innocent.

Personality: Outgoing and full of energy, she is always confident and has a carefree smile on her face, however if someone insults her sister or her career in any way she will attack and show no mercy, she isn't very violent but if need be she could give you a concussion, not a serious one but still.  When it comes to her sister nothing else matters, she is her number 1 priority, sure she's still perky but she shows great care and proves just how big her heart is.

Likes: Her sister, her boyfriend, her fans, friends and family, being herself and not get judged for it, massages, helping others in any way she can.

Dislikes: People who insult her career and sister, when others flirt with her, seeing her sister in a sad or emotional state, real life bullying or other real life physical conflict.


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