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Post by Midknight on Sat Feb 21, 2015 4:48 pm

Pokemon SRN-Locke F0bsAxM
Yo, welcome to my new challenge, THE SRN-LOCKE!

What is that? WELL, rather than me explaining it again you can go to the link below, where you can find all the details! AND, also join our adventure if you haven't signed up already! 

Keep an eye on this first post! It may change and be updated with new information on our participants, art and more!


Midknight the TotodileAlive
Adena the FlareonAlive
Boubka the RaltsAlive
Luka the RioluAlive
Electrisa the PichuAlive
Alpha the SandshrewAlive
Punk the LotadAlive
Diablo the PoochyenaAlive
Dustin the GrowlitheAlive
Sky the BuizelAlive
Snowflake the Snorunt - Alive
Uncanny the MagikarpAlive
Lady the VulpixAlive
Toxic the Zigzagoon - Alive
Karma the Cubon - Alive
Berserker the Shinx - Alive
Tyson the Glaceon - Alive
Tina the Sneasel - Alive

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Pokemon SRN-Locke Empty Re: Pokemon SRN-Locke

Post by Midknight on Sat Feb 21, 2015 5:12 pm

Hello all and welcome back! Since the first part of this challenge was done on stream, I got no screen shots other than the perfect one at the top of the first post ;D
So instead, if I do stream parts I will just highlight the key events of what has happened!
Also, a thing I should note is that every time a Gym battle is won, the team will be shuffled about with Pokemon in the PC! So that everyone gets a chance to fight~

DAY 1                       

- Nation, (Our protagonist) wakes up in a Pokemon Centre and hears news of a Newbie causing havoc, stealing other members posts and ideas. 

- Furious, Nation grabs their most beloved members to help him out! However there is limited space, so he only brings along the following; Midknight, Uncanny, Electrisa, Luka, Alpha and Diablo. 

-He makes chase, following the directions that the Professor gave him. He finds the red haired menace, the Newbie.

-The Newbie challenges Nation to a battle, but the Newbie's recolors were no match for Uncanny's sick burns. #SacredFire #TooOP #NewMeta #TopTier

-Newbie challenges Nation, a race to see who can defeat all 8 Gyms and the Pokemon League. Only to then run away, in fear of the intimidating Uncanny.

-Nation reports to the Professor, who ask him to go speak to Mr. Pokemon to gather something for him, Nation does so - Also gathering information on the 8 Gyms, and where the nearest one is.

-After this, Nation made his way to Violet City where he would battle Falkner. But first, the Sprout Tower was supposed to be a good place for training~

-At the top of the Sprout Tower Nation encounters the Newbie again, damn! He's getting ahead of us already! 

-After the Sprout Tower and obtaining the ability to use Flash, Nation makes his way to the Gym. The leader, Falkner, proves to be a little bit of a challenge. 

-The main contenders of this Gym Battle were Midknight and Electrisa. Electrisa's Electric Type Attacks and Drizzle ability proved helpful, as they powered up Midknight's Water Gun. 

-The battle ended in a victory with no deaths, and the team was rotated and shuffled about!

-The current team is as follows- Toxic, Lady, Adena, Dustin, Punk and Sky.

-Everyone (Including boxed 'Mon) were trained to Lvl 10.
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Pokemon SRN-Locke Empty Re: Pokemon SRN-Locke

Post by Midknight on Tue Feb 24, 2015 9:19 pm

DAY 2        

SO! Day 2 of Nation's adventure~

-After defeating the first gym battle with some difficulty, Nation decides to swap his team around to some new members:

Pokemon SRN-Locke O7RqIUB

-In doing so, he needs to do some training, but decides he will get that on his way to Azalea Town.

-Nation follows the next route, battling a variety of trainers, only to make it to the Union Cave - Leading him to Azelea town:
Pokemon SRN-Locke NdxuTHr
Pokemon SRN-Locke 7nCjtMO

-Upon arriving in Azelea Town, Nation notices something rather...odd. He see's a lot of Slowpoke, but they are different. They were all neon colours and had tons of edgy stripes and markings. Who was responsible for this lack of originality!??

-After some investigation Nation discovers it was a group of hideous humans named Team Recolour who were vandalizing the Slowpoke. Enraged, Nation goes to the Slowpoke Well to find the source of this inhumanity.

Pokemon SRN-Locke QFalwG9
Pokemon SRN-Locke AsWJJpr

- At the bottom of the well, Nation runs into one of the Team Recolour Executives, beating him in a battle. The villians flee, leaving the vile stench of theft and lazy character design in the air...

Pokemon SRN-Locke X7taOQr

-Nation heads his way back to the town, informing everyone of what happened, and telling them to keep an eye out in future. He now decides that after that dilemma, he should now prepare for the gym.

-Nation trains all day! Having a certain pinapple evolve~

Pokemon SRN-Locke KjAgf5N
Pokemon SRN-Locke 9MpvgID

-Team Nation is ready to battle the Gym!

Pokemon SRN-Locke LeVQBNC
Pokemon SRN-Locke TxYD1mZ

-Nation enters the Gym, and heads to the Gym Leader. The battle ensues, and is ended rather quickly because of Lady and Dustin having a great advantage, being Fire-Type.

-Our hero successfully walks away with a victory, and makes his way out of the Gym and to the Pokemon Centre. He swaps out his team and prepares to continue his adventure, and quest to show the Newbie who's best.

Pokemon SRN-Locke Di6GSI2
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