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Main Information.

Name: Kane Kai

Alias: Kane


Species: Honey Badger

Age: 25

D.O.B: January 25th

Place of Birth: ---

Current Residence:Local Campsite

Height:3'2 (Average Mobian)


*Food: Meat, Vegatables, Healthy Crap

*Beverage: Water, Lots of Alcohol

*Other: Problem Solving, Puzzles, Excercising, Tense Situations



*Beverage: Anything fizzy

*Other: Dark, Growing Old, Losing.


(insert image)or

Eye Color: Green

Fur/Hair Color: Brown

Fur details:Short, Shaggy Fur

Body Build:Medium


Accessories:Peirced Ear and Curved Scar going from forehead down to cheek

Perks:1. Very Experienced Swordsman

2. Fantastic Problem Solver
3. Good Team Strategist
4. Part time Blacksmith skills
Flaws: 1. He is very slow

2. Its weakended in spirit by the disrespect of family or those of high social standing
3. He hits hard but can take very few damage before falling
Social Status:

Relationship Status:Single

Family Relations:All left in the past

Friendships: None currently

Rivalries:None Currently

Enemies: None Currently

Team Relations: None

Skills and Professions

Weapon(s) of Choice: Knights Sword: A blade double edged blade that extends to a arm's reach with a steel hilt and a leather handle

Armor: Heavy Chainmail which is covered in a black tunic.

Physical Abilities: Possess far above average physical stregnth

Mental Abilities: Can quickly and effectivly solve puzzles and problems

Elemental Abilities: None

Class Name:Warrior

Other:Blacksmith Profession

Sanity: Perfectly Sane

Personality Overview

(how they act in certain happenings or to other people)


*Family: Mild, Calm, Laidback

*Friends: Loud, Rowdy

*Rivals: Stern, Angry

*Enemies: Fierce and Unforgiving

*Team Members:


*Firey: Panic-y

*Wet: Annoyed

*Desert: Whiny

*Mountainous Terrain: Mellow

*Boats: Seasick


*Cityscapes: "Whats a city?"

*Crowds: Mellow


Theme Song(s): 
Clothing Theme:Medival Warrior


-Warrior From the past
-Sent the the future by freak accident caused by a tear in space.


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