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Post by Guest on Wed Jul 31, 2013 7:12 pm

Name- Falco S. Hawk

Age- 19

Height- 5'6"

Weight- 97lbs

Eye Color- Yellow

Fur/Feather/Skin Color- Dark Blue

Weapon- N/A

Special Abilities- Able to fly with his Extreme Gear, named the "Blue Bomber" (Megaman reference FTW). He is also able to reach 200mph on foot, and over 348mph on his gear. He also uses Extreme Gear in the form of skates when he does not have his board available. With possession of the Lost Gems of the Sky Sanctuary, he is able to turn into Elemental Hero Falco, in which he sports wide, white wings, and is able to control the winds. However, he takes on a much different appearance.

Likes- Racing, Flying high, Having fun with his friends, Helping Velo on missions

Dislikes- People who beat him, People who are arrogant and mistrusting, Oil

Meteor Rush- Falco uses his Graviga-Watch (given to him by Dr. Henshin, as well), he slows himself down and then gathers energy, releasing it in a furiously fast dash that is capable of bringing multiple debris-items along, too.

Bird Blast- Falco gathers his energy to release a powerful energy wave that leaves him drained afterwards.

Overdrive- A furiously fast, incredibly powerful flurry of attacks that begins with a numerous flurry of martial arts attacks, and ends with an incredibly powerful rush attack that explodes the target upon contact.

Backstory- None Needed. He's too epic for one.

Theme- "Fourth Floor" by BT


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