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The Dark Dimension (Dimension #712)

Basic Rundown:
The Dark Dimension, as observed, has simple laws of physics. There are no stars, No Galaxies, Only planets. The planets themselves are dark and barren, covered with large expanses of rock and scarred with seemingly endless canyons. 
The Basaltic planets are cold and lifeless, there is nothing that can support life on these almost moon-like orbs, save it be the mythical Crystal Formations.

While there are no stars, the planets themselves have gravity, although a small gravitational pull due to their almost minuscule size in comparison to earth, and no atmosphere. 

The lack of natural light, and the distance between the existing planets creates a pitch black sky, an empty void which when stared into will offer no comfort. But even in this dimension, there is life. Life's Rarity is even greater than the planets and even the rarity of the Crystals...

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The Crystals

The only source of light, warmth and nutrients, the Crystals are cyan gems that emit a dim glow, faithful to their own colour. These crystals are rare, and can, on an almost mythical chance, be capable of bringing life into existence.

They emit small and weak rays of all the necessities required for sentient life; Vitamins, Minerals, Oxygen, Energy, Radiation. A strong enough concentration of these gems can create a field of this emission that can conglomerate the molecules into cells and force life to be brought forth.

Not only are crystals capable of doing this, they are also known to have many other Anomalous properties, sometimes able to create small rifts in reality itself, usually too small for even a dust molecule to slip between two dimensions of space, but there have been instances where the rift was much larger.

When these sorts of Rifts occur, the gems can be forced to change colour, due to the alien exposure to elements outside of its own reality. Not only do the gems change colour when exposed, but their properties can also be thrown out of balance, sometimes becoming another state of matter, or even gaining or losing it's emission properties, to name a few.


The Actual Complexity of The Dark Dimension (Dimension #712) is very minimal, with the lack of stars and stellar formations the space is dull and cold, radiation is non-existent save it be the few crystals that are scattered through its universe. 

All planets are cold, constituting nothing but a single element, Sirium, a black rock similar to Basalt, with the exception being it having a much harder constitution and darker shade.

The only anomaly of the dimension's contents are the Crystals, the source of all occurrences and happenings withing the dimension.

The Dark Dimension Mqqwn610


While the lack of Warmth, and necessities for life being small and far between, most of the life within this universe is single-cell organisms, with some having been around barely long enough to evolve into small shelled bugs, or moss. 

However, when an especially strong rift is opened by the spontaneous anomalies sometimes triggered by the crystals, objects or even creatures can be ripped out of their reality and into this one. There are only 3 occasions where this has happened naturally.

The First was a Crocodile, Ragen, torn from the home dimension, and brought to The Dark Dimension. Forced to thrive for years off of the life a single Crystal could give, he hardened, teaching himself the things he could, perfecting combat and his own raw power.

After perfecting his own power, he became angry, unable to do anything but live off of the power that the Crystals could offer, so he tore the stone from the very rock of the planet he stood on, using it's power to travel through the dimension.

During the Crocodile's self training though, another was torn from their own dimension and thrown into this one, a fox. Chent, the fox, was not taken from the home dimension however, he was torn from the fabric of another reality, a reality in which Earth was destroyed and Mobians were forced to settle other systems.

He was stolen from an emergency Settlement craft, disappearing from his own family. And he too was forced to survive off of his own Summoning Crystal's energy. Similar to the Croc, he honed his skills in combat, and studied the Crystal to his best ability, discovering many secrets to the way the Crystals interacted with their surroundings.

The Third, and last event where a Mobian was pulled into this dimension is when a Bat was stolen away from the Home dimension. Klarissa. Klarissa almost immediately took action, Removing her Crystal and beginning a long and painful trek across the surface of her world, searching for similiar Crystals, to allow her power to grow.

Ragen discovered Chent in his meditations, offering him a place by his side as long as they worked together, Ragen with his Strength, and Chent with his Knowledge of the Crystals. Chent worked to make the two of them Stronger and continued to scour their dimension for more Crystals, utilising all of their powers.

That was, until they stumbled upon Klarissa, who had managed to accrue a large amount of the Crystals, having taken them from all across her Sirium Planet. Ragen and Chent offered her a place with their company, and the three of them worked together in gathering Crystals from throughout their dimension.

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