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Post by Shrike Marine on Fri Mar 08, 2019 8:30 am

So few years now I'v been getting into sound and voice work for mods and my own personal stuff, so I eventually began shifting ideas and sounds over to making sound and voice work on possible stories or RP's in the near future. Tho I probably will need to draw on more voice talent if I want to take it further but I enjoy doing it so here is a rough idea of short fan fiction of a batch of Replicant soldiers infiltrating a G.U.N network building to steal information for there mysterious goals, this has been worked on for a while getting correct sounds, making some of them, rigging them and of course voicing the soldiers myself, if they sound very static and hard to understand, there helmets and face gear are designed to do just that, hide and mask their voice.

I have written out the enter scene so if you have difficulty understanding some of the dialogue you can refer to the written notes down below, I want to tackle more ideas in the future and this is just a taste of what I want to do. 

---> Audio file 


*Evening time, a helicopter gunship races over open lands heading for a G.U.N network facility, on board are a squad of Replicant soldiers call sign Epsilon team, they are briefed by Replicant command*

High command: "Epsilon team this is command you are nearing your drop off point, the facility marked is a G.U.N network building the complex holds information on  possible leads to our objectives, your orders are to enter the facility via roof top and make your way to the server room, once there you are to extract the data and await further orders."

Soldier: Understood command

Pilot : gunship one on final approach

Pilot: No hostiles in sight area seems clear.

*Helicopter hovers over roof top with a glass dome*

Pilot: Epsilon team deploy! All units repel in!
*Replicant soldiers repel down smashing through the glass and secure the area.*

Epsilon leader: Squad sit rep!

Soldier: clear left

Soldier: clear right

Epsilon leader: Command we are in the complex no sign of hostiles, we heading for the server room now.

*The squad moves down corridors of the building and suddenly stumble into a automated defense turret, activating upon seeing the soldiers*

Soldier: Oh shit watch out turret! Right above you take it out!

*Squad immediately opens fire on the turret and destroys it.*

Computer voice: "Automatic defensive measures are active in this area unauthorized personal will be shot on sight."

Epsilon leader: Command automated defensive turrets are active in the area, any idea how to disable them with out shooting them ?

Command: There should be a control room near by, you could probably shut them down from there"

*The soldier continues ahead avoiding turrets until finding the control room, upon entry they manage to disable the turrets.*

Computer voice: Automatic defensive measures are offline.

Epsilon leader: Command turrets are offline we continuing towards the main server hub.

High command: Roger that, be advised we are picking up unknown static interference in your area..keep your eyes open.

*the squad continues down into dark poorly light hall ways when suddenly strange static comes across there communication followed by a strange echoing female weep sound.*

Soldier: What the hell was that!

Soldier: Keep moving...eyes open

-Cut to next scene- 

*The squad reaches the main server hub and enters the room, accessing the main terminal to extract the data*

Epsilon leader (Epsilon 0) " Command this is Epsilon 0 we have located the main server hub and are extracting the information now, once complete uhhhh how much of this are we going to destroy ? (The servers in the room)

High command: All of it! Every file every disk every hard drive! We not taking any chances.

*After the information is extracted one of the Replicants place a large explosive device on the main server setting it off destroying the system entirely, causing a fire triggering fire alarms Troopers make sure the server is destroyed*

Epsilon leader: Command intel has been extracted and all server hubs have been destroyed, we are withdrawing from the area and are ready for pick up."

High command: Understood   bring the intel back..the commander will know what to do next."

*The team ins extracted by the helicopter and leave the area vanishing into the night before any response to be sent.*
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