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The Pool of Rememberance  Empty The Pool of Rememberance

Post by Awakened Vega on Tue Jan 29, 2019 6:46 pm

The Pool of Rememberance

A mystical anomaly of nature, a location that makes no logical sense and has no natural purpose. The Pool of Rememberance has no specific location in the world, and as a matter of fact, the very few who have laid eyes on the Pool have reported it lying in completely different areas.

As far as appearance, the Pool of Rememberance is an opening within a forest area, a flat circle surrounded by trees and containing a round body of crystal clear water in the centre. The trees around the Pool seem to completely shadow out the rest of the world, making sure it’s guest can see nothing outside of the Pool’s area. The water within the pool is as clear as the world’s most serene beaches, glistening within the sunlight and glowing in the moonlight.

The Water’s of the Pool contain a mysterious magical power. It seems to grant the viewer some sort of vague vision, the light and ripples morphing within the water to show the viewer a reflection of a memory of their past. More specifically, a vision of something weighing heavily on their mind, perhaps a problem that needs to be fixed, or a bitter memory that needs to be accepted.

On thing the Pool’s location is consistent in, is that it is always discovered deep within the dense areas of a forest. Some speculate that it is Pool itself that reveals itself to who it desires, choosing who gets to witness its mystical power.

One such individual whom the Pool chose to reveal itself to is Vega Desol. Vega is a consistent visitor to the Pool and considers it like a home to him. He has visited the Pool for many years now, seeking comfort or guidance within its waters. It is unknown wether the Pool intends to help him in return. However, it seems their is some sort of bond between Vega and the Pool, a theory fuelled by Vega’s consistent ability to locate the Pool with ease.

There have been little other reports of sightings of the Pool, and it is unknown if many others have stumbled across it. However, given the area’s inconsistent location, it is unknown to whom it will reveal itself yet...

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