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Hostage situation critical Empty Hostage situation critical

Post by Shrike Marine on Mon Jan 14, 2019 2:24 pm

(Somethings gone terribly wrong, what was suppose to be a simple locate, search and leave has gone to hell. A semi abandon industrial and office district located on a near defunct port zone has come under control of a unknown force, the area has been cut off and no word of the take over has manage to be sent out, hostages are believed to be held but no demands have been issued.

It is still unclear who this force is and why they had targeted this abandon area but all that will be discovered to any one willing to risk it to save some beings from the hands of this paramilitary force.
The goal is simple a group must band together to in order to infiltrate and attempt to save the hostages while remaining un detected, the size and strength of the enemy is unknown. What is lurking among the site also remains unknown but there is a lot more going on here then just a simple take over.

What is known however is while Shrike was investigating the area, he came under attack by the force and was unable to evade, thought dead, his emergency helmet beacon is now actively transmitting his position that he is alive but no doubt captured, his fate and the fate of the rest of the hostages is now unsure.
It will be up to a group of beings joining together to either make or break it, and perhaps learn the real truth behind who these guys really are.)

This RP is still open for people to join, a mix of paranormal, infiltration, discovery of hidden dangerous tech/items, sneaky sneaky metal gear style.

If you are interested please respond under this.[size=8](edited)

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