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From artillery to swords Empty From artillery to swords

Post by Icantbelieveitsnotbutter on Mon Jan 07, 2019 1:07 am

Zeus' Wrath: Artillery battlements powered by nuclear fusion rods. These bad boys fire superheated plasma in a concentrated destructive beam.
Mark One:
The larger variant of the arrow of light, this massive artillery cannon standing at three stories, with a barrel length of 25 feet, is immobile. It packs a helluva punch, able to bring down buildings. It's maximum range is 35 miles. The downside is that they have a history of malfunction and... detonation. It has a cost of $900,000,000.
Mark Two:
The little brother of the Mark One, this model is able to be towed by a big enough vehicle. It stands at 15 feet, with a barrel length of 12 feet. While more compact, it packs only enough punch to bring down things like gunships and such. It's range is 25 miles. The cost is $650,000,000.

Odin's Fury: Cartridge-fed artillery battlements in the form of a more traditional railgun, using electromagnets to propel high-explosive shells to their... destination.
Mark One:
The basic model. This is seen used in almost any battlement incorporating Agnit's arms. It stands at 10 feet, but has a respectable barrel length of 21 feet. They are made to fire off high explosive shells, and are balanced and reliable. Their range is 9 miles. The cost is an economical $8,000,000.
Mark Two:
The defensive model. These stand at a dignified 13 feet, and have a 25 foot barrel. They are made to rapidly chamber and fire the high explosive shells and cover an area, without pandering to accuracy, with a range of 10 miles. They cost the buyer $13,000,000.
Mark Three:
The long ranged railgun design you'd expect. The speedily chambering cartridge of the Mark Two is scrapped for more electromagnet room. Instead of a cartridge, rounds are loaded individually. It stands at 16 feet, with a barrel length of 40 feet! It's range is 30 miles, and it is normally used for offensive battlements. It has a price of $20,000,000.

Artemis' Rage: A generic artillery battlement, taking high explosive ballistic shells. There are no other models, but it is more common and reliable than the Odin's Blade MkI. It's price is $6,000,000. It stands at ten feet, with a barrel length of eleven feet.

Helios' Chariot: A gunship powered by a nuclear reactor core. It has a built in Zeus' Wrath MK1, as well as two Odin's Fury MK2s. It's a hovership four stories up and fifteen in length. It flies at 160 Knots There has been only one sold in his entire company history. And they are built upon request as to not waste precious moneys. There is only one known model of the Helios' Chariot. It is an astonishing $1,600,000,000.
Hermes' Breeze: 
A gunship 23 feet in length and 7 in height, it looks like a miniature Helios' Chariot. It is armed with an Odin's Fury MK1 and two . It flies at 430 Knots, and is made for offensive purposes. It is powered by traditional jet fuel.

Icarus' Wings: A fighter jet powered by traditional jet fuel. It flies at 600 Knots.
Anti tank:
It is armed with two anti tank guns made only for it. These guns fire HE shells 5 inches wide and 12 inches long. It is also able to carry a payload of any missiles your average jet could. It costs a whopping 1,000,000,000
It is armed with a Vulcan Machinegun and sidewinder missiles. It costs considerably less than the anti tank model at 600,000,000.

Achilles' Steed: A tank made for urban warfare, this is powered by a nuclear power rod, and it fires superheated plasma.
Pretty much the same things as the Zeus cannons. MK1 is slower and expensive but more powerful, MK2 is smaller, more cost effective, and faster.

Odysseus' Bow: A sniper rifle, powered by a high-power battery, and firing superheated plasma.
Mark One:
The bigger model, this trades battery life for a bigger punch. It can bring down gunships with a well placed shot to the engine. Made for combat against vehicles. Has about four shots before a reload. Costs $1,000,000.
Mark Two:
The versatile middle ground, with nice battery life and enough damage to punch through infantry armor. Ten shots a battery. A high quality sniper rifle. Costs $700,000.
Mark Three:
Choice rifle for hitmen. For the civilian model, everything is made compact, a smaller battery, barrel, stock, and bipod. It only has three shots a load. This also makes it far less costly to produce, as it costs $550,000. Some rich and sadistic folk even use it for hunting!

Hector's Blade: A railgun assault rifle made for general use. Powered by a high grade power cell, and it fires steel ball bearings.
A general use military assault rifle. 35 round clip, with nice accuracy and firerate. It can punch through light to medium armor. It is maneuverable, but noticeably front-heavy. It has plenty of rails to mount attachments on. $750,000
The civilian version of the Hector's Blade. This weapon has a 15 round clip, still plenty of tactical rails, and is semi automatic. It still can punch through armor though. It actually has a bit more power behind it, so some marksmen choose it. It costs $400,000.

Patroclus' Dagger: A railgun submachinegun powered by a high grade battery. Made for civilian and infantry use.
Military: With a 50 round clip and insane fire rate, some units would rather have this than an assault rifle. Of course, that's the buyer's call! The weapon penetrates only light armor, and costs $600,000.
Civilian: This version has a 25 round clip, semi automatic and burst firing modes, and even a built in suppressor for first time shooters! That'll help their ears. Of course, some people will use it for other purposes. It can't punch through armor well at all, taking a few shots to get through light armor.

.500 Aeschylus: A .500 magnum made as a self defense pistol by Shock and Awe, it's only other form is spitfire, which lights its shots on fire. What more can be said about it? It punches through all armor with it's powerful caliber. Five shots are all you'll need.

Neoptolemus' Saber: The only actual descriptive title here, this resembles a roman soldier's blade. Although it's made of a super strong alloy. And the borders are lined with superhot plasma. It's a must have for the aspiring swordfighter!

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